Alice Morningstar

Professional traditional disciplinarian. I offer spanking, caning, mouth soaping, and more to keep you in line.


Please read through or search for your question before messaging me. Nearly all the questions I receive can be answered on this page.

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About Alice

What’s the difference between a disciplinarian and a dominatrix/domme/domina/mistress?

While dominatrixes et al can incorporate corporal punishment or even spanking into a session, a disciplinarian only provides discipline. Dominatrixes et al use a variety of instruments, types psychological play, and scenes in a BDSM context (including the whole latex and leather scene), whereas a disciplinarian is principally domestic. Naturally, your experience may vary.

How should I refer to you?

You may call me Miss Alice, or Miss/Ma’am; I will accept Mistress. I am not a Domina, Dominatrix, Domme or Goddess, so don’t refer to me as one.

Do you really enjoy this?

Yes. Yes, I do.

Do you switch?

No. I am naturally dominant, and I do not switch in my personal life, and I certainly don’t switch professionally. There are many professional switches and bottoms; I am not one of them.

What do you wear for session?

I dress similarly to my photos.

Can you wear something else?

I wear my own clothes, not clothing provided for me; if you'd like to see me in a particular brand or style, feel free to purchase a gift card for me. I do not wear leather or latex, nor will I session in lingerie or underwear. I can, however, dress more ‘casually’ in jeans if requested. Stockings are also optional.

What size shoes do you wear?

I wear between a 7.5 and a 9, depending on the brand.

What’s your personality like?

I am a no-nonsense, dominant woman, but in addition to being stern when necessary, I am also kind and quite caring. I have been called a wolf in sheep’s clothing for just how punishing and harsh I can be while having a sweet face.

Are you pretty?

Yes. As one client likes to remind me, “You’re so pretty, Miss Alice.”

Are you a sadist?

I don’t consider myself a sadist because I don’t enjoy inflicting pain for pain’s sake. I do however enjoy the power of being a dominant woman, and this is a natural expression of that.

Do you have a romantic partner? What do you do for a living? Is this your only job? Do you spank your romantic partners? Where did you go to school? Is Alice your real name?

That’s none of your business.


About You

Do you see couples? Do you see women? Do you see transwomen/transmen/genderqueer/sissies? Do you see Jewish clients?


What ages of people do you see?

As long as you are a legal adult, I will see you. I may ask for ID if you appear to be younger than of legal age. (If you want to cover your name, that’s fine.)

How should I dress?

Dress neatly and cleanly. Since I will be seeing your underwear, perhaps wear the nice ones you save for a special occasion. I happen to be a fan of traditional white underwear, and red boxer-briefs.

Can I shower where you hold sessions?

Only if arranged beforehand. You can request it when you book online.



What implements do you use?

I use many paddles of a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, wooden spoons and a variety of `hairbrushes, leather straps and belts, flogger, and crop. If there is a specific instrument you want that I don’t have, let me know. If there's a specific implement that is a no-go for you, do let me know as well.

What's your favorite implement?

It sounds trite, but my favorite implement is my own hard hand. I get a lot of compliments on it, and I'm quite proud of just how hard it is. My second favorite is a small hand-mirror shaped wooden paddle, made of cherry. She doesn't look like much, but she's surprisingly potent.

Can I bring my own implement?

Yes. I am well-versed in all implements of discipline, and many more traditional BDSM instruments as well. Let me know in your application and I’ll let you know if it’s an instrument I’m comfortable using.

Can I buy you an implement? Can I give you a new implement?

Yes. At present, I need to replace a bloodwood paddle I broke over a very naughty backside. I am also looking for a good long-handled solid-back wooden bath brush, and a longer wooden paddle with holes. Of course, I do love gifts, so if you see something missing from my arsenal, feel free.



Are you an escort? Can we have sex?


Do you do phone sex?


Do you do video chat or Skype sessions?


Can I see your face?

In session, yes, obviously! However I don’t share face photos online.

Can I be naked?

You can be naked if you wish. Some people find that being naked before a fully-clothed female in control (CFNM) to be very powerful.

Do you undress me?

Generally I will be the one to take down your pants and underwear for a bare-bottom spanking.

What do you do if I get an aroused?

Generally, I ignore it, unless you’d like me to mock you for it.

Am I allowed to finish? Am I allowed to release?

Under certain circumstances, I allow it. It must be discussed beforehand, so unless it it mentioned in your session request, the answer will be no. I will not assist you in any physical way. You will not finish on me or any part of my person or my clothing, including shoes.

Is this legal?

Yes, 100%. I only perform legal services.

Do you punish genitals?


Do you allow foot worship?

Yes, worship only. Foot worship does not imply or include footjob. You may worship my feet with your hands and mouth only. After you're approved, you will be requested to fill out a form with your interests. If you don't mention foot worship, I might not allow it in session.

Does foot worship really mean foot job?

It does not. As I’ve said before, if it ends in ‘job,’ I don’t do it. I am serious about this. If you ask for something I do not offer mid-session, the session is immediately ended. I have no tolerance for nonsense.

Do you allow hand worship?

Yes, worship only. Hand worship does not imply or include handjob. You may worship my hand with your hands and mouth only.

Can I touch you?

In the context of foot or hand worship, you may obviously touch my feet and calves, and my hands and upper arms. While I do give hugs, this is not an invitation to grope me. You will never be given permission to touch anywhere on my torso. If you try, the session is immediately ended.

Do you provide aftercare?

Generally aftercare consists of a heavy cream applied to your derriere post-spanking, and some caring post-spanking time so you can come back down.

Do you accept gifts?

Yes, I accept gifts. Gifts do not earn you any sort of privilege, other than my fondness, for all the good it'll do you.

What sort of gifts do you like?

I am always in the need for new stockings, shoes, and implements. Flowers are also lovely. I have no need for chocolates or alcohol.



Can I call you?

Clients who schedule a new appointment can request a short phone conversation to precede their session. In addition, you can purchase an hour-long phone conversation at any time.

Can I text you?


I didn’t hear back from you. Are you ignoring me?

I may be. Read more of the FAQ to find out if you've done something wrong. Or just be patient. It could be because I only respond to emails once a week. I'm very busy and lack of patience is something I will never tolerate in a client.

I've already seen you. Why can't I just email you to set up a session?

It takes too long to set up a session via email. Even more now that I only reply once per week.

Do you blacklist people?

Yes. If you are rude or disrespectful (outside of a bratty role-play), if you abuse my good will, if you violate my rules, or you don’t show for a scheduled appointment without reason, you will be blacklisted.

How does banning work?

You will not know that you've been banned, but I won't see your messages. So it'll be just little pathetic you, in an echoless vacuum. How sad!




How does correspondence work?

I have a dedicated email address with which we will communicate. I check this email address at least daily, before any other address. Correspondence is tracked hourly; I track the time it takes me to read and reply.

What types of correspondence are available?

Correspondence can be whatever you want it to be. I have done role-play, conversations surrounding our mutual interests, accountability, and self-punishment direction.

How often do I hear from you?

You will get responses from me at least once a day, and the pace is largely determined by your replies. If you reach out to me, I will reply as soon as I can.

How long does an hour last?

An hour can last as long as a few weeks or as short as a few days. It's all determined by your pace and the extent of our replies to one another. If your emails are long, or you ask for in-depth replies, obviously that will take up more time.

How does accountability work?

We will discuss what you need to be held accountable for: be it better eating habits or exercise, better performance at work, or ceasing bad habits or forming new better habits. You will report to me on a schedule we determine with proof of your deeds, good or bad. Should you do well, you will be rewarded; should you fail, you will be punished.

What sort of punishments can be carried out via correspondence?

Punishments can involve line-writing, mouth-soaping, loss of privileges, or self-spanking under my direction. I will consider other types of punishments as well. You must provide proof that the punishment was done to my satisfaction. 



Why do you require references?

When another professional gives you a recommendation, it means that they believe you to be a safe and sane player: no professional would risk their good reputation to vouch for someone falsely. If your reference cannot be verified or is not favorable, your application will be rejected.

Do you provide references?

If you were cordial, respectful and recommendable, I will gladly give a reference for you. Please let me know before you give my name to another professional so that I know the request comes from you.

How do I arrange for references?

In your application, you give the name and website, email or phone number of the professional(s) you’ve seen in the past and I will contact them. As a note, it is generally polite to contact a professional you’re looking for a reference from BEFORE you put them as someone willing to give a reference for you.

I can’t give references.

In that case, I accept prepayment for our session via Paypal or verification.

I can’t give a reference or prepay.

In that case, we can make arrangements to verify you with your place of business: you tell me your name, your position and a phone number or email address with your company, and I will call or email discreetly to verify you.

I can’t give a reference or prepay, and I’m not comfortable being verified.

Things change. Should your particulars change to meet my requirements, let me know.

Why was my application rejected?

In the email you received from me, it gave a reason as to why your application was rejected.

Why do I need to apply to be a client?

I receive so many emails on a daily basis that I simply cannot keep up, and buried amongst all the time-wasters, spam accounts, and chronic onanists are those who I’d like to see. By requiring an application to become a client, I can separate the wheat from the chaff and dedicate my time to doing what I do best: spanking.



How much is your tribute?

My tribute is 300USD per hour.

What do I do with the tribute?

Bring it in an unmarked envelope, if possible. When you arrive, either hand it to me or place it on a nearby table.

I will see you outside of the United States. How much is tribute?

I will post the converted tribute on my website when I travel to your location. Sign up for updates here.

I can only pay ___.

Let me know when you are able to pay my full tribute. This is not negotiable.

Can I see you for free?


Can I barter with you? Exchange services?

No. My tribute is not negotiable.

Can I be your slave? For free?

No. For starters, I'm a disciplinarian, and disciplinarians don't take on 'slaves.'



What is a session like?

A session begins with a short conversation where we go over any last-minute details or questions. Then the session begins, be it role-play, real-life discipline for real-life transgressions, or spanking for spanking’s sake. The details will be specific to your situation. For a better idea, read through my testimonials page for what some others have experienced.

How long is a session?

Sessions begin at 1 hour.

Are you really going to spank me for an hour straight?

Your hour time includes any pre-spanking arrangements or discussion, role-play or scolding as needed, and aftercare. I don’t know many who could handle an hour-long straight spanking.

Can I record our session with audio or video?

No. If you'd like to volunteer to be in a photo- or video-shoot, let me know. 

Do you always spank on the bare bottom?

Nearly always. Exceptions have been made in the past.

Can you punish me for a real-life indiscretion?

Yes. I often see people who need discipline for real-life failings, be it procrastination, going to the gym, paying bills on time, keeping their dwelling clean, or poor school or work performance.

Can you spank without marks?

Short answer: most likely. Long answer: It depends on your skin, age, experience, and tolerance, as well as position, implements, and intensity. I will do my best to accommodate a need for no marks if needed. That being said, there is always a possibility marks can appear later.

Do you use a safe word?

My spankings are REAL and as such, I do not use safewords as a rule. Your punishment is not real if you can control it at any time. That being said, I will carefully watch you and make sure I’m not pushing you past your limits.

What are your limits?

I stop at blood. Seeping or weeping skin is acceptable, but open wounds are my hard limit. I don't do any play involving bodily wastes in any way, and release is only acceptable when arranged for beforehand.

What positions do you use for spanking?

OTK is my favorite, with an OTK leg-lock as a second. I use other OTK positions and positions using props like a bed, a chair or a wall, and free-standing positions.

What sort of non-spanking discipline do you use?

I use lecturing, line-writing, corner-time, and mouth-soaping as punishments. With corner-time, I enjoy incorporating ear-marching; other punishments may include chores or errands, or being locked in a dark closet to stew. I have also used humiliation and scolding in a punishment context.

Do you lecture or scold?


Do you yell or get angry?

I may get angry in a context of discipline or role-play, but always a controlled anger. I will never yell.

Do you do outcall?


Do you do phone sessions?

Yes. We can discuss discipline as a whole, or discipline as it's more applicable to you and your situation. Your session can involve me directing you to spank yourself, with your hand or an implement, or can involve other humiliating behavior under my direction. Or we can do a role-play scenario, which can be quite enjoyable. Or we can discuss discipline and spanking in its myriad forms.


Role Play

What’s your favorite role-play?

I enjoy many different roles, and can’t pick a favorite. Some roles I’ve really enjoyed are: the head of HR disciplining a misbehaving but valued employee, a mother punishing a disobedient young son, a governess reminding a college student that he’s still under her watch, and a teacher teasing and tormenting a plagiarizing student.

Do you allow age-play in role-play scenarios?

Yes. Some of my favorite role-plays have age regression as a basis.

Are there role-plays you don’t like or don't do?

I tend to be less interested in role-plays involving authority figures like police or military. I will refuse role-play that uses race or religion as a basis.



What is a witness?

A witness is a person there to watch, not participate in, your punishment. They can be as removed as flat-out ignoring your punishment, or as involved as laughing or mocking you while you're being punished. 

Can you provide witnesses?

Witnesses may be possible with minimum one week notice. When requesting a session, let me know you'd like a witness, as well as specifics regarding gender and degree of involvement.

Is there an extra charge for witnesses?

Yes. The charge depends on the witness available.

What kind of witnesses can you provide?

My witnesses are female or male, between 20 and 30 years old.

How do I become a witness? Are witnesses paid?

Witness is a paid position. Reach out to me on my professional contact page to apply.




Where do you host sessions?

I host sessions from normal apartments or apartment-like hotels when traveling.

What about sounds? Do you have trouble with noise?

Absolutely not. In my entire career, I have had exactly one instance of someone knocking on my door mid-session. I learned from that experience, and it has never happened since. I carefully select my apartments based on a rather strict set of requirements. Sound is not an issue. 

Is your location near parking/public transportation?

Yes; no matter where I am, I am always going to be close to parking and public transportation.

What is your address?

When our session is confirmed, I will send you the address.

Are you going to visit ____?

You can check my calendar here for current plans. If you don’t see your area listed, fill out an application form with your area listed and I’ll let you know when I plan to be in your area.