Alice Morningstar

Professional traditional disciplinarian. I offer spanking, caning, mouth soaping, and more to keep you in line.

Q: Who do you
session with?

A: Consenting adults. Men and women
of all genders, ages, sizes, races, etc.
Also couples.

Q: Do you get naked?

A: No.

Q: Can I get naked?

A: You're lucky you're allowed
to have clothes at all.

Q: Can I touch your ___?

A: No.

Q: Can you touch my ___?

A: I'll touch you, all right: with
my paddle, my crop, my belt...

Q: Do you do ____?

A: I'll make this easy for you. 
I spank, I discipline, I punish.
Does that answer your question?

Q: Can I see you for free?

A: No.