I am a traditional domestic disciplinarian.

It is my duty and pleasure as a disciplinarian to spank you until I'm satisfied you've learned your lesson. 

You’re not getting out of it this time.

Using hairbrushes, paddles, straps and, my personal favorite, my own exceptionally hard hand, I deliver strict, no-nonsense discipline. I will scold you, ear-march you into a corner, wash your mouth out with soap for your backtalk, and then pull you back over my lap for a true over-the-knee, bare-bottom spanking. It ends when I say it ends and not a moment before, no matter how much your protest, flail or cry. 

The spankings I give are mine: I decide when they begin, I decide what implements I will use, I decide the intensity and duration, and only I decide when they end. Afterwards, if you’ve taken your spanking to my liking, I’ll rub a nice, thick cream into your red bottom. 

If you haven’t experienced the catharsis that comes from receiving a properly delivered spanking, well, you’ll see.

Domestic discipline is my focus, but I am comfortable with many other aspects of spanking, such as role play or humiliation.

If there's something else you'd like to explore in session, let me know. Chances are I've done it before, and would like to do it again. A caution, however: I only partake in activities that are 100% legal. I don’t offer CBT, strap-on play, or body worship. 

Giving a good old-fashioned spanking is one of my absolute favorite things, and something I do quite well. Why not come and see for yourself?


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about me

What’s the difference between a disciplinarian and a dominatrix / domme / domina / mistress?

While dominatrixes (et al) often incorporate spanking into a broader session, a disciplinarian’s focus is the administration of discipline via spanking. 

Practically speaking, dominatrixes use a variety of both domestic and non-domestic implements and instruments, types of psychological play including humiliation or degradation, and contextual scenes (including the traditional latex and leather garb) to achieve their desired result. Traditional BDSM tends to draw a distance between punisher and subject, and that distance can lack intimacy for some. Additionally, a dominatrix may sometimes be found in a dungeon, where you’ll find instruments and furnishings suited to that environment.

A disciplinarian, alternatively, comes at your punishment from a different angle: you’ve done wrong, and you need to be punished. Phrases like, “I’m disappointed in you,” are common in the disciplinary context. A disciplinarian administers her craft from a domestic setting, using implements natural to that domestic scene: hand, hairbrush, spoon, and belt. A disciplinarian sits on her hard-back chair and takes you over her knee for your spanking.
Naturally, your experience may vary. 


How should I refer to you?

You may call me Alice, Miss Alice, or Miss / Ma’am. I am not a Domina, Dominatrix, Domme or Goddess, so why would you refer to me as one?
Also, my name is Alice. Don’t call me by another name. That’s just rude!


Do you really enjoy this?

Yes. Yes, I do. Do you?

I am often told by one-time doubters the moment they saw how my eyes lit up while discussing spanking and its various tangential delights that there could be no further doubt. I love spanking. I love punishing naughty little things. It is its own raison d’être. 


Do you switch?

No. I am naturally dominant, and I do not switch in my personal life, and I certainly don’t switch professionally. There are many professional switches and bottoms; I am not one of them. If we’ve sessioned before and you behaved yourself, I’d be happy to provide a reference to you to session with one of the spanking world’s many professional switches or bottoms.


What do you wear for session?

I dress similarly to my photos: button-up shirt, pencil skirt, stockings, heels. 


Can you wear something else?

I will never session in lingerie or dress “more provocatively” for you. Do not ask. If you find my professional look to be a distraction and an obstacle to the session, you may request that I dress more casually: jeans are a common request. I will evaluate requests on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, you may not provide clothes for me, as I only wear my own.


What size shoes do you wear?

I usually wear a US 8.5, though depending on the shoe, my size can range between a 7.5 and a 9.


What’s your personality like?

I am a no-nonsense, dominant woman, and am known to be quite stern when necessary. I have been called a wolf in sheep’s clothing for just how punishing and harsh I can be while having such a sweet face. However, I am also kind and quite caring. I do want what’s best for you. 

I am highly educated, and enjoy holding conversations on a variety of topics. For both our sakes, I recommend we don’t discuss politics, but just about anything else is up for discussion.


Are you pretty?



Are you a sadist?

I don’t consider myself a sadist because I don’t enjoy inflicting pain for pain’s sake. I do however enjoy the power of being a dominant woman, and discipline is a natural expression of that.


Are you going to use my information to blackmail me?

You’re out of your mind if you think that I or any decent professional will throw away the many years of experience and actual hard work it takes to build a name and reputation in any field to somehow abuse you, and for what? The stories you read in the Daily Mail or New York Post aren’t the norm for ANY professional provider. Besides, paranoia isn’t an attractive trait.


Do you have a romantic partner? What do you do for a living? Is this your only job? Do you spank your romantic partners? Where did you go to school? Is Alice your real name?

That’s none of your business. Insisting on such rudeness is a good way to get yourself ignored or, should you be so uncouth to insist in session, to have the session ended prematurely.


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Do you see couples? Do you see transwomen? Transmen? Nonbinary/genderqueer individuals? Jewish clients?

Yes. If you have a particular concern, let me know in your application.


What ages of people do you see?

As long as you are a legal adult and in reasonable enough health to manage being put through a punishing spanking, I will see you. I may ask for ID if you appear to be younger than of legal age. (If you want to cover your name/address, that’s fine.)

And no, you aren’t going to ‘outgrow’ your need for a good sound spanking.


How should I dress?

Dress neatly and cleanly: think of how I will be dressed, and aim to match. Since I will be seeing your underwear, perhaps wear the nice ones you save for a special occasion. I happen to be a fan of traditional white underwear and red boxer-briefs for men, and lacy or simple cotton briefs for women.


Can I shower where you hold sessions?

If arranged beforehand. You can request it when we set up the session. If you’re coming from a grueling activity beforehand or the day will be particularly sweltering, it’s probably a good idea.

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What implements do you use?

I have many paddles of a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. I have quite a few rulers and wooden spoons, and a variety of hairbrushes, leather straps and belts. I use synthetic and natural canes. Additionally, I have implements that aren’t on this list. If there is a specific instrument you want to experience, let me know: I may have it, or I may request that you bring it along with. 
If there's a specific implement that is a no-go for you, do let me know as well. I can easily hide away implements that may throw you out of your proper headspace.


What's your favorite implement?

It sounds boastful, but my favorite implement is my own hard hand. I get a lot of compliments on it, and I'm quite proud of just how hard it is. My second favorite is a small hand-mirror shaped wooden paddle, made of cherry wood. She doesn't look like much, but she's surprisingly potent. 


Can I bring my own implement?

Yes. I am well-versed in all implements of discipline, and many traditional BDSM instruments as well. Let me know in your application and I’ll let you know if it’s an instrument I’m comfortable using.


Can I buy you an implement? Can I give you a new implement?

Yes. You can ask me if there’s something I want or need, or you may also just surprise me with something you’re fond of.One can never have too many quality implements.


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Are you an escort? Can we have sex?

No. Absolutely not.


Are you actually just saying that for legal purposes?

Don’t be an idiot. Of course not.


Do you do phone sex?

No. If you schedule a phone session and it clearly turns into an onanist session, I will end the call. No refund will be given.


Do you do video chat or Skype sessions?



Can I see your face?

In session, yes, obviously! How silly! However, I don’t share face photos online.


Can I be naked?

You can be naked if you wish. Some people find that being naked before me is a very powerful experience.


Can I not be naked?

Of course. As long as I have access to your bottom, you can remain in whatever state of dress or undress you prefer. For example, a few of the women I spank prefer to be spanked while wearing a thong, to give me access to the bottom without being completely bare.


Do you undress me?

Generally, I will be the one to to get that pesky clothing out of the way for your bare-bottom spanking. If this is a problem for you, it’s not a deal-breaker for me. 


Is this legal?

Yes, 100%. I only perform legal services.


Do you punish genitals?



Do you allow foot worship?

At present, I do not.


Do you allow hand worship?

I will allow you to kiss my hands if you are so inclined, but that’s all.


Can I touch you?

In the context of your punishment, you may hold onto my feet or calves as I spank you, and afterwards, I will give you a hug. However, let me be clear: this is not an invitation to grope me. You will never be given permission to touch anywhere on my torso. If you try, I will immediately end the session and you will leave.


Do you provide aftercare?

My usual aftercare consists of a heavy cream applied to your derriere post-spanking, and some quiet, caring post-spanking time so you can come back from that headspace.


Do you accept gifts?

Yes, I accept gifts. Gifts do not earn you any sort of privilege, other than my fondness, for all the good it'll do you.


What sort of gifts do you like?

I am always in the need for new stockings, shoes, and implements. Flowers are also lovely. I have no need for chocolates or alcohol, and please don’t bring me food. I do not at present have a way to receive packages, so bringing your gifts along with you to session is the only way to ensure I receive it.


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Can I call you?

Part of the application process involves a phone interview. Keep in mind that the interview is for me to decide if I want to see you, not the other way around. I will be asking the questions, and you will be answering. If you want to chat, you can purchase a phone conversation at any time.


Can I text you?

No. All texts go right in the bin.


Can I email you?

Yes, but only if you’re already a client. Keep in mind I might not be able to reply in time to schedule a session. It’s always better to book directly through my online calendar. If you don’t have the info and I’ve seen you before, you can request it via email. 

If we haven’t already met in session, you must submit an application. I do not respond to people who are curious or undecided. You must read about me on this site and make a decision to apply. When you’re ready, go here (boys) or here (girls).


We’ve talked via email but never met. Can I just email to set up a session?
No, you should apply here (boys) or here (girls).


Can someone contact you on my behalf?

Oftentimes, while setting up a session, an individual will ask a spouse or partner to contact me to give more details as to the behavior of the individual who I will be disciplining. These conversations are always set up with the client FIRST, then the third party is brought in. There is a standard for how these conversations can be transitioned from involving simply the client to involving other parties, to ensure privacy and security of the conversation and all involved parties.


I didn’t hear back from you. Are you ignoring me?

Maybe. Read more of my FAQ to find out if you've done something wrong. Or just be patient. It could be that I’m extremely busy.


Do you blacklist people?

Yes. If you are rude or disrespectful (outside of a contextually-appropriate bratty role play), if you abuse my good will, if you violate my rules, if you don’t show for a scheduled appointment without reason, you will be blacklisted. And yes, all providers share their blacklists. 


How does banning work?

You won’t know that you've been banned, but I won't see your messages. So it'll be just little pathetic you, in an echoless vacuum. How sad!


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Why do I need to apply to be a client?

I receive so many emails on a daily basis that I simply cannot keep up, and buried amongst all the time-wasters, spam accounts, and chronic onanists are those who I’d actually like to spank! By requiring an application to become a client, I can separate the wheat from the chaff and dedicate my time to doing what I do best: spanking. 


Why was my application rejected?

In the email you received from me, it gave a reason as to why your application was rejected.


What does a reference do?

A reference tells me that another provider has gone through her own process of seeing if you’re the sort of person she’ll admit to her circle of clients. A reference is the shortest and fastest way to see me. If your reference is cannot be verified, or, heavens forbid, comes back unfavorable, your application will be rejected, permanently, and I will ensure that your information is shared with appropriate parties.


Why do you like references?

When another provider gives you a reference, it means that they believe you to be safe and sane: no professional would risk their good reputation to vouch for someone falsely.


How do I arrange for references?

In your application, you give the name and website, email or phone number of the professional(s) you’ve seen in the past and I will contact them. As a note, it is generally polite to contact a professional you’re looking for a reference from BEFORE you put them as someone willing to give a reference for you.


I can’t give references.

If you cannot give a reference, the process will involve you paying a deposit FIRST, then we will have a phone interview. There is no other way to see me.


I can’t give a reference or pay a deposit.

Things change. Should your particulars change to meet my requirements, let me know.


Do you provide references?

If you were cordial, respectful and recommendable, I will gladly give a reference for you. Please let me know before you give my name to another professional so that I know the request comes from you.


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How much does it cost to see you?

My fee for sessions in Manhattan is as follows::

  • 1 hour: 300USD (boys) / 200USD (girls)
  • 90 min: 400USD (boys) / 300USD (girls)
  • 2 hours: 500USD (boys) / 400USD (girls)

When traveling, my fee is 300USD per hour.


Why is your fee different for men and women?

Because it is.


How do I pay?

I currently only accept cash. Bring it in an envelope and either hand it to me or place it on a nearby table. (Some like to include a nice card or handwritten note in the envelope. How sweet!)

If you’re seeing me while I’m traveling, I accept and encourage advance payment online. I will give you more information when you book.


I will be seeing you outside of the United States. How much is your fee?

My fee is the same everywhere I go. For ease, I will often opt for an exact amount after converting it into your currency. I will inform you of that amount when you book. Don’t argue with me about conversion rates.


I can only pay ___. It’s not fair. You’re discriminating against me because I can’t pay your rate.

My fee is not negotiable. My services are a luxury service, and we both know it. I am not a charity.


Can I see you for free? What if I’m, like, really attractive, and really fit, and really awesome?



Can I barter with you? Can we exchange services?

No. I have no need for most of the services people like to trade. My fee is not negotiable.


Can I be your slave? For free?

No. For starters, I'm a disciplinarian, and disciplinarians don't take on 'slaves.'


Do you accept tips?

Of course! My most generous clients like to include a little extra as a sign of affection and respect. Tips are never expected, but are always welcome.


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What is a session like?

A session begins with a short conversation where we go over any last-minute details or questions. Then the session begins, be it role-play, real-life discipline for real-life transgressions, or spanking for spanking’s sake. The details will be specific to your situation. For a better idea, go to the session page or read through client testimonials for what some others have experienced.


How long is a session?

Sessions can be scheduled for a minimum of one hour, or up to three hours, in half-hour increments. Generally speaking, once the session begins, our time cannot extend, so put some thought into how long of a session you’d like to have.


Are you really going to spank me for an hour straight?

Your time includes any pre-spanking arrangements or discussion, role-play or scolding as needed, and aftercare. I don’t know many who could handle an hour-long straight spanking.


Is spanking sexual?

I can’t answer that question for you. For some, spanking is a part of their sexuality, and has a feeling of release akin to that of sexual release; arousal and climax can also be a natural extension of spanking for these individuals. For others, this is a psychological need, not explicitly connected to their sexuality. For others still, spanking has no relation whatsoever to their sexuality, and they see this as a need for them to grow and stop bad behavior.

I have clients, both men and women, who climax during sessions. While this is something I permit, I never assist in any way, shape or form: I only provide discipline. If you believe you might climax during session, this is something we must discuss prior to meeting.


Can I record our session with audio or video?



Do you always spank on the bare bottom?

Nearly always. Exceptions have been made in the past because of client preference. Let me know what your concerns are when we are setting up the session.


How hard do you spank?

All my spankings are tempered to the recipient. I am skilled, and comfortable, spanking to any range of pain and skin tolerances. That being said, my spankings are designed to be punishing, but not torturous.


In a particularly heavy session, is bleeding allowed?

Yes. The seeping or thin blood that can be a byproduct of heavy wooden paddle usage does not cross my limits. Because heavier play may involve some bleeding, I have and make good use of a variety of materials and methods to completely sterilize anything touched by blood. My hard limit is open, deep, freely bleeding wounds, the kind you might see from a particularly brutal caning, for example. 

I will mention that only a small percentage of my sessions involve the kind of heavier play in which bleeding would even begin to be an issue. I am comfortable and capable of operating within anyone’s pain tolerance.

If you’d like to see examples of a harder session, click here (trigger warning!).


Can you punish me for a real-life indiscretion?

Yes. I often see people who need discipline for real-life failings; often this is takes the form of procrastination, failing to go to the gym, forgetting to pay bills on time, not keeping their dwelling clean, or poor school or work performance. There are a variety of reasons why a person might need punishment, and spanking is a wonderful treatment! If you’re serious about discipline as a tool for self-improvement, learn more here.


Can you spank without marks?

Short answer: most likely. 

Long answer: It depends on your skin, age, experience, and tolerance, as well as the positions, implements, and intensity used in session. I will do my best to accommodate a need for no marks if needed. That being said, there is always a possibility marks can appear later. The usual rule of thumb is that if you sunburn easily, you’ll mark easily. And no, scientifically speaking, arnica does nothing.


Do you use a safe word?

My spankings are REAL. As such, I do not use safe words as a rule. Your punishment is not real if you can control it or end it at any time. But, as I explained above, I’m not a sadist. This should be punishment, and not torture. To that end, I will carefully watch you and make sure I’m not pushing you past what you can take. 

Oftentimes, first-time spankees are shocked by what they can take, and, had they been given the option of ‘safe word’-ing out earlier, they never would have gotten the catharsis they’re seeking. This is about losing that control you have in your daily life. That can’t happen if you can end the spanking on a whim.


What positions do you use for spanking?

Over the knee is my favorite, with an OTK leg-lock as a second. I use other OTK-arranged positions, and positions using props like a bed, a chair or a wall, and free-standing positions. If there’s a particular position you’d like to try, do let me know.


What sort of non-spanking discipline do you use?

I find that lecturing, line-writing, corner-time, and mouth-soaping are delightfully effective punishments. With corner-time, I enjoy incorporating ear-marching; other punishments may include chores or errands, or being locked in a dark closet to stew. For particularly naughty little dears, I find that corner time while kneeling on a broomstick has a startling degree of efficacy!

I have also used humiliation and scolding in a punishment context.


Do you lecture or scold?



Do you yell or get angry?

I may get angry in a context of discipline or role-play, but always a controlled anger. I never yell; it’s not my way.


Do you do outcall?



Can I bring someone to watch me be spanked?

It depends on the person, but usually yes. Some of my favorite sessions have been with the subject’s partner watching and giving a counterpoint to the subject’s excuses! If you’d like to have another provider watch me spank you, read the double sessions section of the FAQ. If you’d like to have an independent witness, I may be able to provide one; see witnesses section of the FAQ.


What’s your favorite role play?

I enjoy many different roles, and can’t pick a favorite. Some roles I’ve really enjoyed are: the head of HR disciplining a misbehaving but valued employee; a mother or aunt punishing a young family member; a governess reminding a college student that they are still under her watch; a teacher teasing and tormenting a plagiarizing student.

Chances are, if you’ve heard of it, I’ve done it. If you have something you’d like to try, let me know. But be aware of the role play scenarios I don’t do (listed below).


Do you allow age-play in role-play scenarios?

Yes. Some of my favorite role-plays have age regression as a basis. 


Are there role-plays you don’t like or don't do?

I’m not interested in role-plays involving authority figures like police or military. 
I absolutely will not partake in any role play that includes race-play, nor do I participate in role-play that involves a sexual component. 

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What is a phone session?

A phone session is a paid, hour-long conversation about whatever you’d like to discuss involving discipline, spanking, your prior experiences, whatever you’d like to discuss. We can even do role play via phone, which can be quite a bit of fun for those who cannot come see me, for whatever reason. For more information beyond the FAQ, go to the phone session page.


How much is a phone session?

  • 50USD per 30 minutes.


How do I request a phone session?

You can request an invoice by applying here (boys) or here (girls). I will send you the details for payment and, once the funds have been transferred, we can schedule our appointment.


Do I call you? Do you call me?

I’ll be the one calling, so when we set up a phone session, I’ll need a good phone number to reach you at the time we’ve discussed. 


I don’t feel comfortable giving you my phone number.

How unfortunate.


What do I need to do for our phone session?

Generally speaking, you’re going to need to be in a quiet, private location where you aren’t apt to being disturbed. 


Can you direct me to spank myself during our phone session?

Of course! If our phone session is going to involve me directing you to spank yourself, you’ll need whatever implements I’ll be giving you directions for, and I’ll need to be able to hear you give yourself those nice clean smacks.

Speakerphone is best for this and the sound of spanking can travel in a non-soundproofed room, so keep this in mind.


Can I pleasure myself while we’re chatting?

No. If you do, I’ll end the call immediately. 


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What is a witness?

A witness is a person present at your spanking. A witness will watch, and not participate in, your punishment. A witness can be lofty and removed, or eagerly involved. 

A favorite witness interaction involves a girlfriend of mine and I having a normal conversation, ignoring the fact that you’re over my knee getting a spanking, while another involves the witness taking a more involved role, laughing and mocking you while you get your punishment, perhaps choosing one implement or another one for me to punish you with next. 

Do note there is a difference between a witness and a double session. A witness looks, but does not touch.


Can you provide witnesses?

Maybe. At present, I do not have a large stable of witnesses, and more likely than not, I will not be able to provide a witness. That being said, witnesses may be possible with minimum one week notice; the more notice, the more likely it is that a witness will be available. When requesting a session, let me know you'd like a witness, as well as specifics regarding gender and degree of involvement. 


Is there an extra charge for witnesses?

Yes. The charge depends on the witness available.


What is the gender and age of your witnesses?

My witnesses are generally female, and of a wide variety of ages. If you have a specific request regarding the witness’ age, make sure to let me know. 


Are your witnesses other professionals?

Sometimes. Sometimes witnesses are intrigued vanilla friends, and sometimes witnesses are providers, retired or active.


How do I become a witness? Are witnesses paid?

Witness is a paid position. Reach out to me on my professional contact page to apply. Do note that I currently only have need for female witnesses. 


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Do you do double sessions?

Of course! There are so many wonderful ladies that I know and have worked with in the past. If there’s a particular lady you have in mind, let me know in your session request form, and I’ll get in touch with her to discuss details. If you’d like to do a double session but don’t know who you’d like the other provider to be, let me know, and I’ll give you some options.


How do double sessions work?

Double sessions can take a variety of forms, and, just like my solitary sessions, can involve role play or punishment for real transgressions. 

For example, I recent role play double session I did involved a teacher bringing her very naughty student to me, as she was at her wit’s end. Of course, the teacher and I needed to compare notes on punishing this misbehaving student, and we found a multidisciplinary approach was most effective. 

As for discipline for real offenses, I find what works best is having your “home” disciplinarian (be it myself or another) introduce you to the other, and evaluate the state of your behavior. From there, both disciplinarians will discuss you and your shortcomings (with your input or not), and together decide the course of action going forward. Sometimes this takes the form of dual punishment at the same time, and sometimes this takes the form of trading off. 


Do you only session with other disciplinarians?

No, not at all! Some of my best double sessions have been with those who don’t describe themselves with the term ‘disciplinarian.’


What is a bottom/switch/top sessions?

A bottom/switch/top session involves a bottom (either you or a provider), a switch (again, you or a provider) and the top (that’s me). In these sessions, I will be spanking both the switch and the bottom, and the switch will also be spanking the bottom. These sessions can be enormously fun! 

Generally, bottom/switch/top sessions don’t have an overarching ‘context,’ and exist for the fun of it, though I have done sessions with role play contexts. 

Usually, a ninety minute session is the minimum I’d recommend in order to make sure everyone has time to play.


Do you only do double sessions with clients or other tops that you know?

As a rule, if this is your first time meeting me and this other provider, I’d prefer us to meet alone, so I can get a better sense of your needs; there is a degree of performativity that happens in a group situation that can distract from attaining the proper headspace all around. If, however, you’d like to bring me in as a second top with your established disciplinarian, having her reach out to me will make the process easier.


Where do you hold double sessions?

Double sessions are held where it is most convenient, be it my space, the other provider’s space, or a neutral third space (a hotel room that I or the other provider has booked). They cannot be held in your hotel room or home.

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Where in the world are you located?

I host primarily in Manhattan, New York. Check for dates and locations here.


What is your session space like?

While in New York, I session from a residential, domestic session space in a safe, upscale area. When traveling, I host from normal apartments or apartment-like hotels.


What about sounds? Do you have trouble with noise?

Absolutely not. I carefully select my spaces based on a rather strict set of requirements. Sound is not an issue no matter where I session. 


Is your location near parking/public transportation?

Yes; no matter where I am, I am always going to be close to parking and public transportation.


What is your address?

When our session is confirmed, I will send you the address and instructions.


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