Taking control. 

Being a naturally dominant woman extends to all parts of my life, but the dynamic of a powerful woman taking control of a man is one of the most exciting things for me. I enjoy the ritual and form of a good old-fashioned spanking more than anything else. Once you find yourself clutching at my ankles with your feet kicking in the air, crying out as I spank you, you will realize nothing will ever feel quite the same as before.

Everyone is different, and each person comes to me for their own personal reasons. I’ve outlined below three of the most common cases of men who seek my services. Are you one of them? Are you different? Either way, I’m looking forward to putting you where you belong.


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Where you belong.

You have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders: people reporting to you, decisions on the line, big projects and big deadlines. You don’t have the luxury of making mistakes, and most of the time, you do really well.

But beneath that fancy suit and tie, and beneath that veneer of a capable, respectable member of society, there is a little man who knows his rightful place is over a woman’s lap. All that posturing, all that respectability: none of it matters. I’m going to take down those pants of yours and give you a spanking you won’t soon forget. You’ll finally get that little slice of peace that comes from having someone else take control out of your hands.

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Case study #2:

No more excuses.

You know what you should be doing, and yet you find yourself doing just about anything else. You’re making excuses: next time, later, when you have the time, when the external conditions are better. You’re filling your time with other important matters, but they aren’t what you should be doing. You’re pretending that you just don’t have the time or energy, but you and I both know that’s a lie.

But part of you knows resents the implication that you’re doing wrong. That part insists that these other things you’ve been doing are important, just as important! You’ll get to it later! You’re the one who makes the decisions! No one tells you what to do!

Oh, you poor little thing.

No more excuses. No more nonsense. No more bad behavior. You must do better.

But first, you’ll get a taste of some old fashioned consequences.

Many of the people I spank use spanking and discipline to support a self-improvement regimen. Learn more here or apply below.


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That 'itch'!

You’ve had this need for a long time. As long as you’ve been aware of, the word “spanking” has caught your attention. When you were little, you used to look it up in dictionaries. You grilled your schoolyard friends that you knew got spankings. Your favorite picture books involved spanking.

You got older, and you started to wonder: am I ever going to grow out of this? But you’re still caught by it: the ritual elements, those certain phrases, the sight of a hairbrush or wooden spoon in a capable woman’s hand.

You got into a relationship. Maybe she didn’t understand when you tried explaining your need. Or maybe you never told her. But the itch was there, still gnawing at the back of your mind.

Maybe it went away, for a little while. A few months, maybe even a couple years. Finally! But then your thoughts fell back onto familiar patterns, and you find yourself researching, looking at videos, blogs, pictures. The itch is there, and it’s not going anywhere. 

I’ve spanked countless men who have told me this exact story. They want it to go away: it complicates their relationship, their lives, what if someone found out? But the only thing that satisfies an itch is to scratch it. 

When our time begins, it’s just you and I; when it’s over, you will go back to your life where spanking is an inconvenience, that itch scratched, that need satisfied.

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This form is for live sessionsphone sessions and individual travel. You may also request to be notified should I travel to your area.

DO NOT APPLY if you're not certain you want to and are able to see me. I do not reply to people who are merely curious. Only apply once you're certain you want to see me. If you've read about what I do and still have doubts, I recommend booking a phone consultation to discuss them directly with me.

- Sessions cost 300USD (1hr), 400USD (90 min) and 500USD (2hrs).
- While traveling, my fee is 300USD per hour.
- I do not offer any sexual services or foot worship. I only offer pure discipline.
- You must provide a reference from another provider or pay a 100USD deposit that will count towards your session.
- Phone sessions require no reference and are 50USD / 30 minutes.

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