Discipline is usually viewed as a fetish; most images online would lead you believe it is a practice enjoyed by older men spanking younger women, nearly always in a highly sexualized way. But I’ve been a spanker for many years, and I can safely say that there are so many more definitions, both for men and women. 

Most of my female clients see spanking as part of a curriculum of self-improvement or stress release. They have things they want to achieve and they can’t. They feel a burden of guilt that they cannot seem to assuage. They feel a need to atone for their mistakes. And they seek forgiveness and a clear slate. 

Some of those women also seek me in other to explore kink in a safe and understanding environment. I spank a a wide variety of clients, and each person approaches it from their own unique perspective. I’ve had extensive experience with all kinds of different personal histories. Having a deep history with discipline myself, I have no reason to ever judge.

Chances are, if you’re reading this now, that discipline is already a part of you. I can help you discover and explore it in the way that best suits your own needs. 

If you'd like to learn more about discipline as a self-improvement tool, click here.


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The following is an actual client, who has given me permission to share this. Only her name has been changed.
Ann is forty-five years old, unmarried, and works in a high-pressure office as a project manager. She volunteers on the weekends for a cause she believes in. Ann has friends, but she believes, for better or worse, that she can only really count on herself. She is a little overweight and already at risk for diabetes, and her doctor has asked her to record her food for him to examine at their next appointment. 
Ann records the “good” foods she eats at meals, but doesn’t record any of the snacks she eats between meals. As such, she hasn’t been losing weight. She’s pushed back her doctor’s appointment twice, citing a busy work schedule, but she knows she’s avoiding that conversation. 
She knows she needs to eat better. Logging her food, even the “bad” things, creates data that she can use to improve her health, and therefore, her life. But Ann hasn’t had anyone tell her that she cannot keep behaving like this. She has all the control. There hasn’t been a single consequence.
Ann knows she needs discipline. She sets up a session with me.
After meeting and pleasantries and discussion, I have Ann stand beside my chair. I explain that, while yes, there are terrible long-term consequences to her health and wellbeing, there are immediate consequences as well. I’m going to put her over my knee, and I’m going to spank her.
I open her belt and let her pants fall down around her ankles. I guide her until she’s secure over my lap. As she’s getting the feel for being over my knee, I explain to her that I’m disappointed: it isn’t good that she’s eating badly, but it’s worse that she knows that she’s eating badly and lying about it by not recording her mistakes. I tell her that this cannot go on.
I start spanking her slowly, with my hand over her panties, as I get a feel for her tolerance. Once I know she’s properly warmed up, I push her panties down just below the crease of her bottom, and spank her again with my hand. 
At one point, Ann announces that she’s learned her lesson, that she’s sorry, she won’t do it again. I tell her that I’m glad she’s learned, but that the spanking will continue until I’m satisfied. This goes on: I’ll spank her with my hand, pausing when I can sense she’s reaching her limit, and in those pauses, we talk. Ann feels like she has complete control over everything in her daily life, and so she should be able to “relax” however she wants. She knows she needs to do better, but she really doesn’t want to. I tell her I want her to think about what she just said to me.

From this point on, there isn’t much talking: Ann is taking her spanking, and it’s moving from ‘uncomfortable’ to ‘punishing.’ When I can tell the spanking is starting to move from ‘punishing’ to ‘too much,’ I stop. This is about discipline, after all, not torture. 
I have her stand and I give her a hug. We sit for a little bit, my arm around her shoulders. Afterwards, I put her back over my knee so I can apply a heavy cream. I pull her panties back up over her bottom, and I leave her to finish getting dressed. When she comes out, we hug, and sit and talk about the spanking, and what the future will bring.

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A sampling of testimonials, by a few of the women who see me:


"The journey and process of finding a disciplinarian is scary and unnerving, especially as a female looking to find the right person to fill that need for discipline which has been a part of me for as long as I can remember.  After spending more time that I can count looking at websites and social media, trying to figure out who would be the right fit for me as a disciplinarian, having sessions with a few who turned out to be huge disappointments, I was so happy to have met Alice..." 
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"As a young woman in my 20's this is something I normally would never do or thought of doing, but I went ahead and decided to see if I was able to session with Alice Morningstar. I've actually experienced being spanked but never had a woman spank me before so this was something new to experience. I'm not going to lie, I was a bit hesitant to apply for a session and kept going back and forth, I eventually applied and she touched base with me, asked me some questions, and decided to move forward with me."
Read the rest of the testimonial.

"I got up the courage to e-mail her which took weeks to do.  Then I scheduled a call. The anxiety was intense but once I spoke with her I felt at ease.  Her voice was friendly.  She was supportive.  She was also a disciplinarian who told me what I already knew, which was that I could not go on with my life as is, speeding when driving, not eating healthy, not exercising and sleeping maybe 4-5 hours a night. She let me know that these things were harmful to me and that things were going to change. (Did they ever change!)"
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