I will put you over my knee and spank you.

I have a variety of implements at my disposal: hairbrushes, wooden spoons, paddles, straps, and others. I will put you in the corner or make you write lines to drill in the lesson you’re to learn, and, should you use foul language or backtalk, I will wash your mouth out with soap.

The spankings I give are my own: I decide when they begin, the intensity, the implements, and, most importantly, when they end.

Afterwards, you may be surprised by how caring and kind I can be as I rub a thick lanolin cream into your bottom and talk you back from that deep catharsis of having finally gotten what you deserve.

I do not hold sessions in dungeons, as they do not have the discretion or quietude for focused discipline; dungeons are very well suited for the art practiced there, but not for the mindset of quiet intimacy that suits domestic discipline so well. As such, my session space is quiet and entirely private, and there’s no risk of sound traveling or compromised discretion.

For more information on what to expect from sessions, check the following links:

- About page
- Discipline page
- Testimonials

At present, my sessions are held in a private domestic space in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Click here to check dates for other locations. Go here if you’d like to make arrangements for me to travel directly to you.

My fee for live sessions in Manhattan:

  • 1 hour: 300USD (boys) / 200USD (girls)
  • 90 min: 400USD (boys) / 300USD (girls)
  • 2 hours: 500USD (boys) / 400USD (girls)

While traveling, my fee is 300USD per hour.

Apply for a session here (boys) and here (girls).

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*Currently accepting requests for the continental US only. Apply to be notified regarding overseas trips.*

I don’t always get to travel to every city I’d like to, and, after my year-long tour last year, I am taking a break from such an intense traveling schedule! But, if you cannot wait to see me, I do offer an individual travel service. I am a seasoned traveler, but am always eager to travel more, so this is the perfect arrangement. 

This is not a cheap service. You will be paying for my expenses, which will include the actual cost of airfare, hotel, transportation, as well as a travel fee (amount varies depending on the hours of travel). For this service, I charge a flat session fee of 1000USD that covers up to three hours of session time. That is also the maximum time allowed for discipline, as I don't currently accept requests for longer periods or multiple days. 

I will book all my arrangements myself, and I cannot accept chauffeur or standby flight arrangements. In addition to the time we will spend in session, you may choose to take me out to dinner to show your hospitality. This is not required or expected, and it varies from client to client. We will not be spending time in any other context besides session and dinner.

The process is as follows:

  • Submit an application mentioning the city, prospective dates and session time.

  • If you cannot provide a reference, you must pay a deposit, which will count towards your total.

  • After you pay the deposit, we will have a phone interview to further discuss our appointment.

  • I will then provide you with an invoice that will fully cover my travel expenses and our session time, minus the deposit.

  • I only accept payment in full for individual travel.

  • Once the payment goes through, I will confirm with you and book my trip.

My fee for individual travel:

  • 3 hours of discipline: 1000USD (plus travel costs).

Apply for individual travel here (boys) and here (girls).

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Phone sessions are ideal for those who cannot see me in person. These sessions are available whenever, wherever, to and from anywhere in the world.  

Phone sessions can and do vary: it all depends on you, what you require and are comfortable with. We can discuss discipline as a whole, or discipline as it's more applicable to you and your situation. For some, a phone session is a perfect precursor to an in-person session. If you have basic questions, you can check the FAQ section here.

To request a phone session, apply via the links below. There are no reference or deposit requirements for phone sessions. I will get back to you with an invoice and we'll schedule our chat after your payment is received.

My fee for phone sessions:

  • 50USD per 30 min.

Apply for phone sessions here (boys) and here (girls).

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