"I had my first session with Miss Alice back in the fall. I had been interested in spanking for a long time, but had never been able to muster up the courage to contact a disciplinarian until I came across her website. I am certainly glad I did. I arrived for my session, and upon meeting Alice was immediately taken back by her beauty and just the way she carried herself. She was comforting, kind, personable, and very intelligent. There was a brief getting to know you period, and then we discussed the reasons why I came to see her for discipline. She was very attentive and open while discussing my issues, and she made it clear that my behavior was unacceptable and that a spanking was well in order. As I looked around the room, she had all of her spanking implements on display on different tables which of course was quite intimidating. She also had her wooden straight back chair in the corner, where I knew I would be taken over her knee and made to regret my poor choices. In that first session she told me that she would be using her hand, hairbrush, and a small paddle on my bottom. My heart was racing I’m sure out of both excitement, as well as fear. She sat down in her wooden chair and summoned me to my side where she lowered my shorts to the ground. She bent me over her lap and began spanking me over my boxers with her hard bare hand. After a couple of minutes, she lowered my boxers as well, and the rest of the spanking was all done on my bare bottom. Alice is a champ, she is so deceptively strong, and it seems like she could just spank for hours if she wanted to. By the end of that session I walked out with a dark red, swollen, sore butt as well as a feeling of catharsis that I don’t think I had ever felt before. As painful as the spanking was, it just leaves you feeling relaxed and ready to start anew. Unfortunately, because she travels so much, I had to wait until just recently to pay Miss Alice another visit. In the time period while she was away, I visited a couple of other disciplinarians in my area but always left feeling unsatisfied. None of them seem to be able to (or comfortable enough to) spank with the amount of force that Alice does. I guess once you have been to the best, it’s not the same trying something else. I have enjoyed sessions with Alice twice in the last 2 months, and I am so glad that I have. Just 2 days ago I had my third overall session with her, so I sit here writing this testimonial with a sore, swollen, and marked butt I assure you. Every session with Miss Alice has been wonderful, and I honestly cannot wait to see her again (my bottom might disagree slightly). Alice spanks very hard, and you will probably be twitching and clenching up as she administers her strokes, but it is all well worth it. I can’t overemphasize how great you feel leaving a session with Miss Alice. Your butt will be sore for quite a few days afterward, but you will have a clear head and feel like you are able to take on the world. Thank you Alice, you are terrific at what you do, and I look forward to seeing you again soon."

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"Alice Morningstar is doing the Lord’s work.

As a lifelong devotee of spanking (from both the giving and receiving end) I feel compelled to share my truly extraordinary experience with one Miss Alice Morningstar.

I have been frequenting professional disciplinarians for over thirty years; like most of you some of my experiences have been favorable, others less so. All too often we spanking enthusiasts find ourselves across the knee of some young woman who has little or no actual interest in spanking – for them it’s simply a job and it pays better than waitressing.

Every now and then though – if we are extremely fortunate – we will meet somebody who really understands what we are all seeking in a spanking – a true “kindred spirit” if you will.

Miss Alice Morningstar.

Alice is indeed a kindred spirit, someone who understands the spanking relationship at its very core. She is a wonderfully gifted spanker: she builds the spanking slowly, methodically – never giving you more than you can handle at any particular time. Know that you will feel incredibly safe and can trust Miss Morningstar completely: as such you can truly let yourself go, perhaps to places you’ve never been before.

Miss Morningstar will lead you there.

I had the pleasure of being able to visit Miss Morningstar several times while she was in my geographic area. I can truly say that in all my years of spanking I have never had such a rewarding and fulfilling experience – I felt as if I had finally had been properly spanked for the first time.

Beautiful, witty, wickedly clever and whip smart, Miss Alice Morningstar is a remarkable woman. I can honestly say that my time with her would have been well spent even without spanking as part of the equation – but where’s the fun in that?

Gentleman (and, I’m sure some ladies as well) if you are seeking the spanking of your life, I can offer my highest possible recommendation

Alice Morningstar is doing the Lord’s work."

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"The journey and process of finding a disciplinarian is scary and unnerving, especially as a female looking to find the right person to fill that need for discipline which has been a part of me for as long as I can remember.  After spending more time that I can count looking at websites and social media, trying to figure out who would be the right fit for me as a disciplinarian, having sessions with a few who turned out to be huge disappointments, I was so happy to have met Alice.

From start to finish, it was truly an incredible session.  Instantly upon meeting her, Alice’s warmth, kind nature, and caring personality were apparent and genuine.   There was not a single second where I felt uncomfortable; Alice was so easy to talk to and made sure I was always safe and comfortable throughout.   

Of course, the second I was over her knee and felt the first smack of her hand, I realized just how serious of a discipline session it was going to be.  From her hand, to the cursed cherry paddle, leather straps, and so many more implements used, Alice provided me with the exact stern, no-nonsense spanking that I have needed and craved in my life for so long.   I left the session with my head more calm and clear than it had been in years and with my poor bottom a sore, black-and-blue, consistently painful reminder of the discipline that would be coming again if I continued to misbehave and make poor life choices moving forward.

Without question Alice the best you will ever see.  You will leave feeling amazing and incredible sore at the same time.   Alice has already helped me so much with making positive changes in my life (mainly because I know what awaits if I continue down the path of not taking care of myself properly!)... I’m looking forward to the next session already."

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"I certainly knew what to expect as I rang the buzzer. I had reviewed Alice’s site and read carefully her reviews. We had exchanged a few emails. Her playful, but quietly confident, retorts to my taunting, wise guy bravado confirmed my conclusion. I was on the verge of receiving a good, hard (but very manageable) spanking from a warm, attractive, obvious intelligent young disciplinarian. When the door opens, an innocent, almost angelic face appears, certainly not the usual look of a strict, young woman. Sitting on the couch we exchange pleasantries before she arose. Slowly pacing she begins to discuss my emails, quietly lecturing me on disrespect and arrogance. She turns to face me, hands on hips, peppering me with questions without allowing time for me to respond. When my face flushed and my eyes lowered, she tightly grabs my chin and lifts me off the couch. With her face inches away from mine, her lecture switches from my behavior to consequences. As one hand continues to secure my chin, the other deftly goes to my belt. Her other hand drops and then so do my pants. Harshly twisting my ear, we move as one as she sits on a chair and I fall effortlessly over her lap. My underpants are carefully lowered to mid-thigh.

Smack. The unmistakable sound of flesh on flesh. Her hand erupts repeatedly on one spot, hard and fast. Then onto the next spot and the next. Then onto the other cheek with equal force and pattern. I’m surprised when I start to struggle so quickly. She locks down my legs with her own. I’m doubled over, skin taut. Pushing my underpants further down, she starts on my lower bottom and upper thighs. Same pattern, searing one spot and moving methodically down.  I begin to question my cocky expectations. I feel the finished wood of her paddle rub my well-heated behind.  She establishes the same pattern from the top of my butt to the middle of my thighs, but with more dramatic effect. I’m bucking wildly and begging desperately. A very loud F bomb escapes my lips. She abruptly stops, grabs my ear and drags me to the bathroom. A lathered bar of soap is harshly shoved into my mouth. A lecture on proper language rings in my ears as I’m led, bar in mouth, deeply into the nearest corner. Hands posed behind my back, tee shirt lifted, the balance of the lecture is punctuated by smacks of her paddle. She has succeeded in making me feel small, not to mention scared.

After a quick detour to remove the soap, I’m back across her left thigh, encased by her right. She commences a methodical and lengthy paddling. I wildly wiggle and strain but her legs are surprisingly strong. Her left arm holds me tightly, but even more the force of her personality weighs me down. As my backside explodes in a crescendo of pain and heat, my words deteriorate into incoherent mumbling, a fact she slyly acknowledges by repeatedly asking me what I’ve said. Inevitably, The Moment happens. I begin to cry, fairly hard, my chest heaving but the rest of my body suddenly nearly limp. Sadly for me, she refuses to accept my surrender. She leads me to the bed and delivers the hardest, most thorough strapping of my life, literally removing a layer of skin. My crying now is intermittent but still all too real and all but ignored. Finally she finished with a thick yardstick-shaped piece of wood. A scorcher delivered repeatedly to the same spots on my lower bottom and upper thighs. Yet I barely move on the bed as I mumble pleas as best I could. A beaten man, literally and figuratively.

Once my punishment is over, she warmly soothes me, applying cream to my blistered and welted behind and thighs.  But I’m anxious to pull on my pants and leave. I need to be alone with my thoughts and ragged emotions. I’m too embarrassed to look her in the eye as I have realized that, although I’m shocked by what has transpired, the session had played out exactly as she had planned."

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"I just wanted to convey to you what an excellent experience I had... You were the maternal disciplinarian of my dreams! I honestly felt that I had been 'punished' when I left your place.Your attention to detail and nuance is quite remarkable. Your ensemble completely evoked that June Cleaver era for me. Likewise, the timbre of your voice and your entrance into the living room for my initial scolding.

And my lord, can you spank. It was only after your first volley that I realized that no one had said anything about a safe word. Then again, people being punished don't GET safe words! You're a warm, cultivated woman and you immediately put me at my ease.

…You've no idea (maybe you do) how effective it is to walk into your graciously furnished apartment and see that one stark, armless wooden chair sitting dead center! I hope I'll be able to see you again sometime soon. You're the whole package!"

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"As a young woman in my 20's this is something I normally would never do or thought of doing, but I went ahead and decided to see if I was able to session with Alice Morningstar. I've actually experienced being spanked but never had a woman spank me before so this was something new to experience. I'm not going to lie, I was a bit hesitant to apply for a session and kept going back and forth, I eventually applied and she touched base with me, asked me some questions, and decided to move forward with me. 

When I finally met Alice in person, she was really easy to talk to. We just went over some stuff we chatted on the phone prior and got things started. I wasn't nervous at all mentally I had my nerves under control.  She sat on a chair then that's when she put me across her lap for a OTK spanking I started to get really nervous, not anticipating if it was going to hurt or not; but the fact that I had my back to her and I felt vulnerable. The first few she did was tolerable and but then she got her flow going and that's when it started to hurt. I was surprised she could spank that hard. My ass was already really red from her hand but then she let me pick a few implements. I haven't done this type of play for a few years so I let Alice choose what implements would be appropriate. I remember she used a belt on me and it hurt so bad it was excruciating. I remember gritting my teeth and trying not to yell so loud after each lash. When I'm nervous I start to curse but it was all on accident, Alice made sure I didn't curse during the rest of the remaining session. Which worked because I was able stop myself from doing so. 

I really enjoyed the session I had with Alice it felt good to be disciplined by her. She made this experience a comfortable one. I would definitely see her again."

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"Finding a great spanko partner is not an easy task. Many of them will put on a syrupy persona, a "have a nice day" demeanor and/or some of them are not bona fide spankos and just want the cash. Furthermore, not everyone will have a chemistry with just any lady who can dole out the goods, and create the scenario.

Alice Morningstar is a rare find, for any true spanko who loves everything about this exciting activity. I feel that she is one of the few, maybe the many in recent times, that understands that this type of play is not really a fetish, perversion or prostitution. With the right people, it is more like an intense massage, a titillating, thrilling, sensual experience, as well as a need to fulfill an important inner desire.

Enough about philosophy and/or etiology. Ms. Morningstar is a talented, gifted spanker.  Speaking from my own perspective, which I think could be best described as a "medium/heavy" player, she is one of the few who can get some howls out of me with just her hand, which for me is still a very special sensation, and offers a more intimate experience -- somehow, it satisfies the need to feel naughty and punished like nothing else.

Like most competent "spankologists," she has a wonderful arsenal of toys, which keeps growing. First of all, she knows how to use them. Second of all, she seems to be particularly aware of the sensations they provide... But most importantly, she has an uncanny ability to "read" her partner, to take them just a little farther than they thought they could go, that is 2nd to none.

Naturally, the more good, honest info we provide, the better chance for a wonderful session, that lingers (with no marks, I felt the effects of my last date for a week). If you like role play, she's a natural. On my first date, both of us had a completely spontaneous "happening", which we acted out as if it had been scripted. That included some good laughs, which I always enjoy as well.

I struggle with overweight, and we've played with that theme. It's nice to get a spanking as a reward for weight loss and healthy diet, and then some heavier, luscious smacks for all my guilty desires gastronomique. When she enters the discipline mode, Ms. Morningstar really seems to care sincerely about the wellbeing of her spankee, a much more personal touch than most.

For sincere spankos, I have no reservations in recommending a session with Ms. Alice. In addition to entering her Wonderland, you'll thank her, from the heart of your bottom."

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"I am a life-long spanko that has craved being realistically spanked and disciplined over a "maternal" or "spousal" knee my whole life. It is not just the pain of the spanking I need but the whole ritual of being disciplined. I need to be scolded and humbled and soundly spanked. Unfortunately for me I have never been able to get what I need in my "real life". Thus over the years I have used the services of many professional disciplinarians. Most of them have been very disappointing because they did not get or did not understand what a "spanko" like me needs. There are a few really good ones out there and Miss Morningstar is in that very selective group.

To start with her space (and I have seen here in 2 different locations) is not a dungeon. It is a very nice, immaculately clean domestic setting. She has two wooden spoons sitting out next to the stove, a wooden hairbrush next to the bed and of course that perfect straight back wooden chair just ready to be pulled out and used as the dreaded spanking chair. It is the little touches like that to emphasis that she is the farthest thing from a leather-clad mistress.

As for dress, each time I saw her she wore the perfect grey skirt, stockings , heels and a white blouse opened up just enough to allow me to endlessly fantasize about what was under there but just not enough to let me see. Seriously she is stunning. And to be honest looks are not very important to me, but she is incredibly beautiful and incredibly fit.

So what is important to me? The ability to scold me. To lecture me. To dress me down. Give me a tongue lashing. To make me feel embarrassed and humbled. To get into my head and make the role play and the punishment feel real. Anyone can hit me and cause pain. I want to be spanked and punished and embarrassed and humbled and honestly that is 90% emotionally. And Miss Morningstar does all of that for me - in spades! She just get what I am seeking as a Spankee.

And she does that by having the same spanking gene that drives all of us to seek out a professional (and in my opinion that it is something that can not be faked). Because she is a spanko, she also listen to what I wanted out of the roleplay. She understood that certain words / phrases get to me and certain ones do not. And she didn't just listen, she actively thinks about what I asked for and made improvements.

As yes she can spank. Long and hard and, as in my case, as requested way past my comfort zone (and not if that is not your thing). She had me pleading and promising to be good (just as i asked her to). She was excellent with the brush, the paddle and the strap. I left completely and properly spanked. And incredibly happy.

She is awesome and if you are lucky enough to be in a city she is in and you are seeking a discipline / spanking session from a sweet, kind and beautiful women you need to see her. She is seriously that good."

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I have had the privilege of working with Alice Morningstar for over a year.   For me it all started when I was seeking out a life coach who disciplined.  I never thought in my wildest dreams that I could combine my desire and need to be spanked with goals and accountability.   

I was never spanked as a child but it is something of a driving thought I have had all my life.  As far as discipline goes before Alice, well there wasn't any.   My life was out of sorts to say the least.  I got up the courage to e-mail her which took weeks to do.  Then I scheduled a call. The anxiety was intense but once I spoke with her I felt at ease.  Her voice was friendly.  She was supportive.  She was also a disciplinarian who told me what I already knew, which was that I could not go on with my life as is, speeding when driving, not eating healthy, not exercising and sleeping maybe 4-5 hours a night. She let me know that these things were harmful to me and that things were going to change. (Did they ever change!)

I made my appointment to see her.  The day came and I had second, third, fourth and fifth thoughts about not going but I pushed through.  When I got to her location I met a very professional woman.   It almost felt like sitting and talking to a therapist.   She was friendly, funny, warm and caring.  Of course... then we started to speak of why I was there and that is when my discipline started.  It began with a stern lecture about my issues.  She looked right into my eyes and told me what I was doing wrong.  I even felt bad for doing what I had done  (that never happened before)

All I could think was OMG this is real!  Really real. And before I knew it I was standing in front of her with my pants being pulled down and then gently being placed across her lap. She started with her hand over my panties. It was unbelievably stinging and hard.  Then my panties came down and before I knew it my bottom was on fire.  I mean it really really really hurt.  Just her hand alone. 

I also got a taste of the hairbrush the first time.  Ouch!  While I was over her lap I felt helpless but also safe.  Cared for but struggling to stay in place and accept my punishment.  I asked her before my session how much it would hurt.  She said it is punishing. She was right, it was punishing. 

Once I was let up from my spanking I stood before her with my head down as I looked up she stared right into my tear filled eyes and it was over.  I got the most comforting hug from her. A that moment I realized everything was alright. I was punished for what I did wrong and the slate was wiped clean. 

Afterwards she rubbed creme into my very sore and hot bottom.  We then sat next to each other.  With her arm around me we sat and talked to each other about my behavior and how it would change. We came up with goals.  We had a plan.  She was my coach.  We were and are a team today. 

Since that first time I have progressed a lot.  I have started an exercise program at a gym.  I workout at least 5 days a week.  I no longer speed.  Eating, well I have gotten better.  I still need work in this area.  Caffeine I struggle with but I can say I am much better today. 

I am still punished on a regular basis.  I have even received the dreaded cherry paddle and strap.   I am a better person for it. 

I consider it a privilege to work with Alice.  I never knew what discipline truly was until meeting her.  I truly feel cared for, supported and under watch.  Hope you get the chance to experience what I have.

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"The act of spanking is an art form. Anyone can spank. I have visited with many mistresses who profess to being expert at spanking but quite frankly haven't a clue as to severity or types of spanking. After stating this I must confess that Ms. Alice Morningstar is a consummate artist. She is a Maestro in the wielding of hairbrush, paddle and her own heavy hand and uses these implements expertly as paint brushes on the intended recipient’s bottom. The recipient’s bottom is her canvas and she is able to bring out various colors from pinks and reds to blues and blacks and even hot whites. She spanks as a true disciplinarian should but she combines the punishment with compassion and, dare I say, evokes emotion.

I've had the ultimate pleasure of visiting with Ms. Alice Morningstar twice and have another meeting scheduled and I am quivering with anticipation and excitement over the prospects of being disciplined so expertly by this lovely Lady. Do not take her beauty and demure appearance to lightly as she most assuredly is able to deliver a wallop and that is exactly what any true spanking aficionado wants....and needs."

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"This was my third time seeing Alice so knowing I was in for a very real punishment spanking I was nervous and had butterflies in my stomach on the ride all the way up to New York from Philly. When Alice met me at the door, even though I've seen her before I was still taken aback at how beautiful she is. She has such an air of intelligence and class that makes her a superb disciplinarian. She invited me in and we sat on the couch for a little while to get reacquainted for a little bit. After a few minutes she told me to get up and stand in front of her and asked me if I'd been behaving myself lately.

There's really no warm-up when Miss Alice gives a spanking, she means business right from the beginning. After a few minutes she said " I told you this was going to be a bare bottom spanking" as she yanked my underwear down to my knees. As I looked over my shoulder I could see her right hand raised high above her shoulder and then she brought it down with an echoing crack on my right butt cheek, then the same on my left then she proceeded to spank every inch of my bare bottom, up and down both thighs and then she spanked me even harder in the center of both cheeks right on the crack of my backside. This was one of the hardest hand spankings I've ever gotten. Then she told me to get up go in the bedroom and remove all of my clothing, every stitch and lay facedown on the bed. I did as I was told as fast as I possibly could, you would too, believe me. She let me lay there for a minute in anticipation with a very large thick strap on the bed next to me. She came in, didn't say a word, picked up the strap and layed into my backside with ferocity. That strap was so painful I was writhing and squirming all over the place. She then told me to roll over on my back and then she put down the strap and grabbed a thick wooden paddle and told me to raise my legs and cross my ankles. She grabbed my ankles and began paddling my bottom in the "diaper position". This is the most humiliating and I think the most painful position to be spanked in because you are so exposed but it was also very hot because Miss Alice was looking me right in the eyes with a very stern, no-nonsense look on her face. She really seemed to get into it at that point and paddled me so hard I felt like I was losing my breath. When she stopped I was so relieved. Miss Alice then told me to get up and go stand in the corner. I could hear her moving something around and when she called me out of the corner she was sitting in a straight back chair with a heavy looking wooden hairbrush in her hand. When I laid over her knee she adjusted me into position so my bottom was sticking straight up in the air and my toes touching the floor. I remember I could see her sexy red toes peeking out of her peep toe pumps. She proceeded to give me the hardest hairbrush spanking of my life. When I started kicking my legs she wrapped her strong right leg over both my legs and told me to give her my right hand and once I was immobilized she spanked me even harder until I was sobbing like a thoroughly disciplined little boy. Once again, I was so relieved when she stopped and told me to get up. "Are you going to behave from now on?" she asked. I said yes. After that she gave me a big hug and had me lay down on the bed again so she could apply some cream to my bottom. I was on cloud nine all week after that. Every time I sat down I got a reminder of our time together. I've seen quite a few disciplinarians in my time but no one comes close to Miss Alice. Some have been really good but there's usually something missing. Miss Alice nails everything, her looks, her demeanor, the way she dresses and her intuition all come together to make the perfect disciplinarian. I just wish she were always on the east coast so I could see her more. If she's coming anywhere near your area definitely do not miss her...."

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"…A huge thank you for the fantastic role play yesterday. You have enabled me to live out an experience that has intrigued me for many years - in a completely comfortable and relaxed environment.  

I very much appreciate the effort you want to to craft the scenario and make it entirely realistic - I don't think that you could have gotten closer to the scenario I wanted than you did.

The experience was entirely fulfilling and despite the throbbing bottom, very arousing! You are very talented in the way you led the scenario and delivered the spanking and I really did feel that I had been soundly punished in a way that would have made me avoid ever being called to your office again."

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"I have had the great pleasure of experiencing numerous in-person sessions with Alice over the last year. Unfortunately for us spankos that reside within the Northeast, I was sad to hear that Alice travels to warmer climates during the winter months which limits our ability to session. I had developed a professional connection with Alice- a connection that is very difficult to develop with other professional disciplinarians as it often becomes evident that these professionals are simply dedicated to providing a service in return for compensation and nothing more. An "out of sight, out of mind" characteristic...this is not the type of connection that I desire as I feel strongly that proper chemistry- as I have been fortunate enough to experience with Alice- allows for open and honest lines of communication and unparalleled comfort levels, which, in turn, has allowed for the optimum disciplinary session experience. …If you haven't had the pleasure of connecting with Alice in some type of capacity I will simply say that you are missing out on the best disciplinary experience of your life. I am so very, very glad that I've connected with Alice...I intend to be a client for life!"

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"I just returned back home from an amazing spanking session with Miss Alice. I asked for a hard spanking....and that's just what I got.

We engaged in a role play that had her playing the disciplinarian role.....and I was being disciplined for not paying a simple parking ticket.  Instead of paying the fine, I choose a court ordered punishment......my mistake!  There were four stages in the punishment spanking. First, I was fully clothed and received about 150 WHACKS. Very soon afterwards, the pants were lowered to my ankles, and I received another 400-plus WHACKS. Miss Alice was just getting started up.

Very soon afterwards, my underpants were slowly lowered, inch by inch during multiple spanking periods. And after another hard 800 WACKS, I was instructed to take the underpants fully down and take off my shoes, socks, pants, and shirt. I was fully naked with my ass already on fire. But again, Miss Alice was just getting started. She mocked my naked body and asked if I was proud to be naked....I said yes....that was my next mistake. She put my fully naked body onto her lap and continued spanking harder and harder. Another 1400 plus WHACKS later, she let me know that the punishment is over.

In total, she spanked me with almost 3000 WHACKS..... Painful, humiliating, and very real. Best spanking I have ever had - no question. I will be back."

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"Having found myself with a three week window of opportunity in which ownership of a bright red behind would not arouse comment or lead to an intense interrogation, I decided to look into the possibility of indulging my long denied yearning for a good old-fashioned disciplinary spanking. I'm a traditionalist and the latex and leather clad viragoes one encounters all over the internet leave me cold. By chance I came upon Alice Morningstar's web-page.

To cut to the chase...we arranged a meeting after discussing via email a bare outline of the type of session I was looking for. Upon my arrival I was greeted by a stunningly beautiful young woman - we're talking Renaissance painting beautiful here -  dressed in a knee-length black skirt and cream-colored lacy blouse which somehow managed to look conservative and provocative at the same time. In matters of corporal punishment Alice is a traditionalist, as am I. Her voice – something very important to me – was warm, cultivated, and quite feminine.

She welcomed me warmly into her graciously furnished apartment - graciously furnished, that is but for one item - a stark, wooden, straight-backed armless chair, centrally located. Quite centrally located. That and a table spread with an array of punishment implements. I should mention that one of these implements was broken in two - a tribute to what I would shortly find out was Alice's incredibly strong right arm.

She sat me down and we discussed briefly a scene of a mother punishing her son for rummaging through her lingerie drawer. She then left the room briefly, re-entered as the outraged mother and proceeded to give me so thorough (and lady-like!) a scolding and tongue-lashing that all I could do was agree that only a severe spanking could expiate my misdeed. She took me by the ear, marched me over to the straight-backed chair and had my pants down around my ankles in a matter of seconds.

Once over her knee and after a few seconds of exploratory stroking, this lovely, feminine woman – this woman who looks like the teacher you had a crush on in second grade – unleashed a right arm on my backside that would do an NFL quarterback proud. My briefs joined my pants a few seconds later and I was soon howling in a manner that I never would have thought possible.

There then occurred one of the first of several flashback moments that I can still feel when I think about it. Alice ordered me to get her hairbrush from the table of implements. I expressed reluctance and Alice looked dead at me with her piercing blue eyes and ordered, “Now! Do it!”

I realized three things simultaneously. One: No one had mentioned anything about a safe word. Two: This was no longer role play. I was getting a for-real punishment spanking for my long-ago misdeed. And three: I was going to get that hairbrush now.

And get it I did. In every sense of the word. In the course of that spanking, Alice also showed herself capable of flipping me around on her lap effortlessly until she had me positioned just as she wanted me. In the matter of full disclosure I’m not of the sort of build that anyone would consider ‘effortlessly flip-around-able’.

When she was through with the hairbrushing, I received a warm hug but was informed that by no means was my punishment over!

I was stood up and ordered to go to the bedroom and lay face-down on the bed. As I stood up – another flashback. She had picked up a strap and was folding it in half- much like my mother did when punishing me as a child.

I did as directed and Alice soon entered the room arranging the belt to her liking. By this time my flashbacks were going bonkers. She was standing over me like some sort of avenging angel, the buckle was making the jingling noise I remembered as a child and she very soon had me yelling “Please, Mommy! I’ll be good!” - something I had neither planned or expected.

After draining the last ounce of resistance from me, she leaned down close to my face and whispered, “I’m going to give you ten more on each side with the hairbrush now. If you move out of position I’m starting over!” Believe me, I stayed in position!

Back in the living-room I was over her knee again, but this this time for soothing lotion on my sore behind. We chatted for five minutes or so about art, the world, life. Alice is a truly lovely woman in every sense of the word, who just happens to utterly enjoy giving out amazingly ferocious spankings. As had been discussed earlier when we talked about my limitations, I had a red bottom when I walked out of her apartment that faded after three days. No bruises. This is a woman who knows exactly what she’s doing. She spoke of how she was able to tell that I had reached my limit based on my movement and reactions while she was spanking. Also by the visible and tactile signs provided her while I was over her lap!

I left her apartment that day feeling that I had received a thorough and proper punishment. I savored the throb in my backside and a week later I was back over Alice’s knee for another session!

A little bit more about the lady herself, if I may. She’s an astonishingly astute and psychologically intuitive woman with an uncanny knack for honing in on not only what the individual over her knee is feeling physically, but what he (or she) is feeling emotionally. If Alice ever decided to hang up her hairbrush (something I find it very hard to picture) I think she’d make an excellent psychologist.

My window of opportunity has closed again and Alice is out of town. But you can be sure that should the planets align as they did recently, I would be delighted to find myself over the lovely Miss Morningstar’s lap for round three!"

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"Having seen her web site, I was enchanted by the rather mature nature of Alice Morningstar's domestic discipline business. I sent a note asking to be notified should she ever find herself in my neighborhood.

Lo and behold, some months later she was "on tour" and coming to the west coast.

With a brief e-mail exchange and pre-session conversation, we cooked up a role-play scenario. Headmistress Alice had invited me for an "orientation" session and wanted to show me what happens to students (and faculty) in the event of poor performance...and soon she reminded me that I had signed a waiver authorizing her, if she deemed it necessary, to employ corporal punishment.

She said I would be introduced to her spanking technique and she had me stand by her side as she sat on a straight-backed chair. Miss Alice then undid my belt and lowered my trousers, insisting I bend over her lap for a preliminary spanking. Of course, I explained this would not be necessary, but she was of a different opinion.

I had a measure of dignity, as she spanked over my boxers to start. Alice has quite an authoritative hand, mind you and it became even more authoritative when she pulled down my shorts to spank my bare bottom.

Before our session began, I explained I was not a huge pain slut and having seen the photos of the damage she inflicted on one poor fellow (who asked for it, apparently) I was a bit leery of what was to come.

Soon she was walloping my nether regions as my legs kicked and I squirmed on her lap. She held me in place, though. Soon it was time for a taste of the hairbrush and this stung as much as her bare hand.

I was allowed to stand up and then Miss Alice said we would continue with "the tasting menu."  She had quite an array of implements at her disposal and I'm afraid to say I had a taste of many of them.

Her beloved "cherry wood" paddle is a rather devilish little bomb in her capable hand. There was a nasty little ping-pong paddle. A couple of canes will fire you up in a hurry and there was a belt and some tawses on her "hit parade."

Positioned on the bed with my posterior awaiting her ministrations, each course of this tasting program was presented with precision and expertise. All the while Miss Alice explained a bit about each item and I braced myself for the next ensuing onslaught.

It was rather a great relief when Miss Alice said we were done.  But then she remembered there was a nice wooden spoon provided to her by the school's chef and soon a taste of this was in order, much to my dismay.

Finally she finished her "tour"-of-a-session and noted I'd be in for worse should my performance not be to her high standards.

I know she did not apply the full force of her capabilities, given my lack of tolerance for a heavy spanking session, but she did push me a bit and I was sporting a hot seat all the way on the drive home!  The following morning, I was still quite red and a bit warm.

Miss Alice is remarkably young and remarkably competent. She's, pardon the pun, smart as a whip, too.

I'd give her high marks for a stellar performance, but then it was more like Miss Alice was dishing out the marks.

It was a Five Star Performance, but maybe more accurately, a Five (Morning) Star Performance.


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"The door closes and I walk outside, breathless and blissful, my bottom burning hot. I've seen Miss Alice on several occasions, each more captivating than the last, each leaving me looking ahead to next time.

Start with Miss Alice--articulate, charming, playful. And of course stunningly attractive, with a beguiling smile and perfectly toned physique, impeccably dressed with black- always black- heels. She'll speak softly, but with a confident control.

As she lightly removes your trousers, getting ready for work, the trepidation starts to set in. The trepidation increases as she gently taps her knee, beckoning you to lie across, waiting a moment or two for the fear and vulnerability to grow.

The trepidation is justified, as Miss Alice wields a forceful hand, rhythmically and skillfully striking over and over again in all spots. A pause, a gentle caress, maybe an observation as to how red you've quickly become, serve only to presage further strokes.

Just as you start to gasp, Miss Alice will stop, rub your bottom, and turn her attention to her armory, as you slowly realize what's in store. She'll calmly select a hairbrush or paddle for you to bring to her as she factually informs you that "this will hurt". And it does, as she delivers powerful strokes, never failing to fully connect.  It's a masterful spanking.

And so you'll head out afterwards, breathless and blissful, knowing that you will feel the effects for the following days, but ready for next time."

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"I stumbled across Miss Morningstar by chance as I happened to look at a website that I only go into every 6 months or so, and it had an advert saying that she was visiting London in May/June. This led me to her website and the wonderful spanking video that is also on SpankingTube. This is exactly the type of spanking I felt I needed and so I contacted her and arranged to meet. I was looking for  a genuine punishment spanking in relation to some real life behaviours which ironically came out during the lead up to the session as I had to re-arrange the date and time three times.

As soon as she opened the door I knew I was in for a great session. She is very attractive with a great personality (and bottom!!) but has the manner that conveys a no-nonsense attitude which is fantastic and natural. I was soon stood in front of her wearing a shirt and boxers aware of the huge array of weapons on the table behind me. I had forgotten to bring something to the session and she grabbed me by the ear and marched me into the corner, yanking down my boxers and giving me a stinging slap to the right cheek....I knew then that my bottom was in trouble!

Pulling me by the ear again she brought me to the chair in the centre of the room and pulled me over her lap and lowering my boxers to my ankles, and stroking my bottom. Then the spanking began. An excellent handspanking was followed by a hard hairbrushing before she introduced me to her cherrywood paddle which makes the most amazing sound as it crashes into your cheeks. I like to have a bit of fun in the session and Alice provided a perfect mix of conversation and humour as she stroked my bottom, and very hard, serious spanking as she introduced me to her implements. My bottom was very sore as she let me up from her lap. She then ordered me to strip naked and lie face down on the couch with my bottom raised by cushions.

It was now that Alice skillfully pushed my limits with a belt, authentic american paddle, mini rug beater (evil!!!), prison strap, and finally a thin heavy paddle which was probably the most painful 10 strokes of anything I have ever received. Alice was fantastic at encouraging me to take this final spanking and I am so glad I did as I felt such a rush afterwards. Alice brought me back down with some soothing lotion which she lovingly applied to my bruised and swollen backside. We finished the session by having a good chat and a promise to meet again whether in New York or when she returns to London. 

This was up there in the top sessions I have ever had. My bottom is still heavily bruised after 4 days and I get a nice reminder every time I sit down. I can strongly recommend a visit to Miss Alice as she is the real deal in terms of spanking, and a wonderful person as well. Thank you."

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“I had first become aware of Miss Alice viewing a video posted on Spankingtube by a gentleman named James, sometime in June 2015. I was immediately mesmerized and knew I had to see her. That proved quite difficult. I made inquiry about her with gentleman James but to no avail. Subsequently several other videos were posted and it was driving me to total distraction, not being able to know anything more about her except really wanting, and needing, to experience at least one spanking from her.

I was completely frustrated until Miss Alice posted her own video on Spankingtube unveiling her website. Such sweet serendipity that proved to be :) !!! Not only did it provide the opportunity to be able to contact her, but it revealed that she would be in Los Angeles during a brief visit there for me at the end of the year. We had some difficulty syncing up a date and time, but at 4:30 in the afternoon on New Year's Day the marvelous Miss Alice opened her door to me.

I was blown away. Before me stood a very beautiful woman with an enthusiastic welcoming smile beaming across her face, and I was transfixed looking her in the eye and seeing her calm, quiet confidence piercing deeply into my own. I was instantly at peace and felt very much at home. While, like so many (if not most) men I am a very visual creature. However, with Miss Alice, the visual aspect takes a back seat to so much more about her!

Miss Alice possesses a level of maturity well beyond her years; easily a decade or more. Her spirit exudes confidence, caring, compassion, class, elegance, grace, passion, and giving; and an uncanny skill set for passionately giving the most ‘asstonishing’ spanking you could ever imagine! Yet, beyond all of this, for me, the consummate driving force that drives all of this marvelous wonder is .... Miss Alice's truly brilliant mind! The genius that empowers her spanking creativity and excellence is the blessing of her true genius mentality; that and her exceptional passion for giving the most "thorough" spankings you could ever imagine :) !!!!

We sat down on her couch and shared a little welcoming conversation before we got up and she took me over to a table where a variety of implements were displayed.  My nerves began to tingle, but her calm demeanor helped to settle that. It was time to begin the spanking as she seated herself on her spanking chair and beckoned me to her side.  She noted my brand new belt as she unbuckled it, unzipped my trousers and pulled them down to my ankles and taking me over her lap.

Beginning with her hand, first on my briefs before baring my bottom and upping the ante, we were on our way. Then it was off to her bedroom, me carrying her spanking chair.  She had me place it in front of the bedside mirror.  As she sat down again she placed a wooden spoon, two hairbrushes, and her cherrywood  paddle between us and the mirror and instructed me to choose one.  First I handed her the spoon, then the smaller hairbrush followed by the larger one.  When she instructed me to hand her the paddle I hesitated for a second.. She told me to be quick about it, and then asked .... "Do you know what happens if you take too long?"  No Ma'am I don't I responded, and her reply was ... "you "get twice as much" !

For me the highlight of my spanking came when she put me on the bed and told me I could do whatever I wanted to with the pillow.  I doubled it over and placed it under my hips.  Then there was a little more of Miss Cherry, and then came the leather :)! First the belt, then a double strap followed by a rubber strap. With the last two in particular; seeing her drawing them back, hearing the leather slap against the back of her shoulder, and watching over my shoulder as she arched her back before bringing them forward as she dipped her body at the waist and used the full force of her arm, hips, and legs to deliver each stroke was entrancing. It was absolutely awesome to watch, and intensely painful to endure!  That was my nirvana :) !!!

She subsequently put me in the diaper position at the foot of the bed  for some more Miss Cherry paddling and some caning; then bent me over the back of her chair for more caning and paddling before finishing me off with some final hand spanking and a nice rub with a thick soothing cream.  

We went back to her living room and shared a few thoughts as I got dressed before leaving.  We shared a big hug and exchanged little pecks on the cheek; and then, sadly for me, it was back off into my vanilla world.

If you have been reading this as you are considering if you want to schedule a session with Miss Alice I would like to share a few further thoughts with you.  Read everything on her site and all the other venues available there and elsewhere, such as her interview with Andy at "someonesganagetit@wordpress.com".

If you truly have a strong desire to see a professional disciplinarian I urge you to reach out to her and fully express yourself.  She is very warmly engaging and will most certainly accommodate you if you can establish a connection with her. I have been out of my spanking "closet" for more than two decades now and I have sessioned with more than a few very high quality professional disciplinarians. There are a handful who, for me, are on a very high plateau; and at the top of that plateau resides Miss Alice. As she states on her website she is very good at what she does, and that is certainly a modest understatement!

She also invites you by asking .... "Why not come and see for yourself?"  I assure you that if you will seek her out, you will be forever glad that you did; and you may very well experience the very best spanking of your life.

Believe me ... I sure did :) !!!!😄

From the heart of my bottom I thank you Miss Alice, and seeing you in Texas can't come soon enough !!!!

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“I was very excited when I learned that Alice was going to be visiting in my area. I contacted her through her site and we exchanged emails and Alice arranged to contact me by phone. We had a friendly and relaxed conversation and a date for our session was established. I sent Alice an "age play" scenario in which she was a principal that believed in spankings and I was a student with numerous infractions of the rules and I was sent to her office for a no nonsense punishment paddling. I explained to her that I had an emotional need to be turned over her knee for a good paddling and how that released dopamine into my system giving me a strange pleasure even though the spanking would be very painful. We agreed that she would turn me over her lap for a 10 spank punishment paddling with no warm up!

On the day of our appointment I was awed by Alice's stunning beauty and her pleasant friendly yet firm personality. Dressed in a pencil skirt, nylon stockings, and a silk blouse Alice lectured me on my behavior as she sit on a straight backed chair and ordered me to her side. She continued to lecture me as she unbuckled my pants and lowered them along with my underwear down to my knees. She continued to lecture me as she pulled me over her nylon clad lap. Once in position over her knees she explained that I was going to receive a good paddling and that I would leave her office a very unhappy little boy.  

Alice continued to lecture me as she delivered a no nonsense paddling that had me squirming, kicking, and pleading across her lap. Alice's manner and strong athletic body easily held me in position for my well deserved punishment. As painful as her spanking was I received an emotional release and much pleasure as she left me off of her lap and hugged me.  

For the remainder of our session the "age play" scenario was over but Alice turned me over her knee for a handspanking and laid me across her bed for a strapping. I left Alice with a well spanked sore bottom that was tender for a couple of days. One week later the marks on my bottom were gone; but, I will always remember Alice's spanking as the best session I have ever had.”

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“Where I live (a non-spanking place, definitely, so sad for a spanking-lover like me) I never could find a woman to play these games, neither a friend or a professional "woman who spanks". There are lots of dominas but they just don't like "my" games and are extremely bad at hand-spanking (you can't probably be good if you don't like). I have been extremely (and very expensively) disappointed several times and was very fortunate I could have the chance of having a wonderful time once, with a professional disciplinarian from a spanking-place, she made my spanking-dream come true for the very first time. I could, for the very first time, feel really hard slaps on my bottom like I always had craved so very much for, she didn't get tired and could do that for a really long time, my dream come true, finally. Then I had to wait a really really very long time for my dream come true again with Miss Alice. Fortunately I could see her twice in three days (which was a really good thing as she totally agreed that it was way too long to wait for a spanking). The first time she hand-spanked me her way, starting on my pants after a bare-bottom-rubbing to know my bottom before starting the spanking, even that introduction to spanking was much more painful than what had disappointed me so much several times (which was on the bare), so this was definitely my dream come true again. Then it just felt even better and better as she spanked me on the bare and progressively increased the intensity, giving me the hand spanking of my dreams, while we chatted about so many things like spanking friends when I was not worshipping her left hand. I had asked for soft hairbrushing (another fetish), she was perfect for it also. As my interest was in hard hand but not hard hairbrush she spanked hard with her hand but soft with the brushes (lots of squirming though). Her hand felt definitely very hard (much harder than my good previous experience, even if it started much softer, which is even more amazing), but not hard enough for me to want it to stop so this was just THE PERFECT SPANKING OF MY DREAMS, IN THE VERY BEST WAY for me. For the second session, just 46 hours after the end of the first one, I wanted to try the "no warm-up hardest hand spanking", just for the fun of feeling it. She explained to me that I would need the warm-up to enjoy, like in the first time, but was pleased to show me so we tried. Was she right? DEFINITELY! I wanted to feel it, I did, and it was not very long before I asked her to stop! Did I squirm? like never before, and it was so good! (even with hairbrush, but I only got "quite soft" hairbrushings, not always completely soft but definitely not hard). Did I cry? No but I don't cry easily with physical pain, the fact that I asked her to stop my game and re-start her way like the first time is much more significant to me. Was it fun? SO MUCH!! I can't wait to play this game again, but on my fresh bottom, without it being already very sore from a session with Miss Alice 46 hours before. Even if the marks had already disappeared the soreness was definitely still there! In fact all my other spankings (the bad ones and the good one before Miss Alice) had marked me much more severely but the soreness disappeared very quickly, even if the soreness of the good experience lasted of course much longer (and the marks always disappeared in the couple of following days), with Miss Alice I got very soft marks (just a wonderful red that always disappears much too fast) but the soreness lasted longer. Had I asked for a pure long punishment hand-spanking (say 5min or 20min or 55min...) for that second session, with no warm-up nor any break before the end of the punishment (so, of course, no rubbing-bottom before the very end), just pure hardest from start to finish (for example if I wanted to be severely punished for something but with hand-spanking only) she could definitely have given me that and this would definitely had been PURE PUNISHMENT (at least until the bottom gets so numb it needs something more stinging like a hairbrush, but this should take quite some painful time). Thank you so much Miss Alice for making me squirm over your knee with a hand spanking, and in such a friendly way, another dream come true! I had forgotten this last one as even my only good experience (which I really had found wonderful) which had made my spanking-dream come true for the first time hadn't made that part of my dream come true, neither our first wonderful session. And you were so sweet when we chatted, especially in the hardest spanking at the beginning, I could never have dreamt of a better spanking-friend. Just can't wait to squirm again over your knee, even on a fresh bottom I totally trust you to do it again, which will be so wonderful!”

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"The spanking you gave me yesterday was the kind of spanking I've wanted for a long time.  When I answered your ad, I hoped it would be everything it was.  My butt is still a little sore & bruised today which is a good thing. I have seen four disciplinarians in the past three years and yours was the hardest spanking I received."

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"Warning! Alice Morningstar is highly addictive and habit forming.  She is beautiful, smart, witty and fun to play with. I am a pain slut who loves role play and no one does it better than Alice. We have been playing Governess/18 year old charge. She gets into the role and you feel she is the loving, caring but no nonsense Governess. Spankings are given whenever behavior warrants it. Make no mistake, while she is kind and caring, there is no nonsense when punishment is being delivered. Over her knee with hand, brush and paddle. Over the back of the chair with punishment stick, paddle and strap. Miss Alice makes sure the lesson is learned and the behavior will not be repeated. A warm hug follows the punishment, letting you know the slate is clean and all is forgiven. As crazy as this sounds, I can't wait to see her again. If you are looking for a mistress dressed in leather, this is not the right woman for you. However if you are looking for a classy, smart, fun, modestly dressed but drop dead beautiful woman to straighten out your behavior, look no further."

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"Alice is the most skilled spanker I have ever met. I’m writing after meeting her in Philadelphia. Besides being highly skilled, she is intelligent and extremely attractive. Actually she’s the complete package for subs seeking discipline.

After arriving and exchanging pleasantries, the fun began. Alice is no nonsense. She sat down on her chair, unbuttoned my pants, and pulled me over her knee. Her hands are so strong. After 10 minutes I was really hurting and squirming. She allowed me to remove my sweaty clothes for complete humiliation. I tried to escape her punishment but she is remarkably strong for a slender young woman. She has very attractive legs, very muscular. She permitted me to kiss them.  Wow! I felt very fortunate.

But be prepared for real discipline and a very red, stinging ass. This lady is a real athlete. Expect to squirm and cry a lot as she will give you more than you can imagine. And she sooo sexy.  

I’m hoping that she will accept me as a regular client. I’m completely hooked on her."

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"I was perusing ads and saw one of a professional disciplinarian that caught my eye. We corresponded exclusively through email. We discussed session parameters. I was a bit nervous meeting her because I didn't receive a bunch of emails asking me to clarify my session details. Lots of times in the past it has led to sessions where my requests were all but ignored. Alice was very intuitive and truly understood the type of session that I was seeking.

She wore a tight knee length skirt and button down blouse that was buttoned to the perfect level. It teased me as low enough to make me look but high enough that I would never see anything.

The spanking tempo and varied force were perfect and more importantly to me, it was true otk on a chair. Hands and legs able to dangle, not on a bed. I was able to feel completely controlled.

Her tribute is very reasonable for a DD type of session. I highly recommend her and she is a joy to speak to before and after the session."

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"What struck me right away about Alice is her looks & bearing. Really attractive, great see-right-thru you eyes and a slim nice body. Dressed very conservatively in blouse, skirt & high heels with the blouse unbuttoned just enough to be sexy.

This is a Lady who likes to be in control and it shows right away. She had me sit and tell her about what I was looking for and my past experiences: why I wanted this type of session. She was attentive and smart and it was clear that she was figuring out how to incorporate my experiences into what she wanted to do.

And make no doubt, she knew very well, just what she wanted to do. 

She had me strip down to my underwear and took me across her lap on the bed, positioned so that I was able to clearly see her and what she was about to do, in a mirror. Then she began to spank me. Open handed, striking different parts of my exposed ass, up & down it for a few minutes, until it and she, were warmed up. She rubbed it softly for a moment, then went back to spanking. All the while, she was looking directly at me in the mirror, and me at her. She wanted to leave no doubt that she, this young Lady less than half my age, was subjecting me to a sensual OTK spanking. I believe she wanted me to remember it: her pretty yet stern face, determined to degrade & humiliate me by spanking me like I was a teenager. 

Ahh, but Alice knew how to make it last. After several more minutes of spanking me, she got me up and had me look in the mirror at my now pinky-red ass. Then it was into another position for more spanking before looking in the mirror again: now my ass was a fiery red.

Again, back for more spanking as she continued to talk gently to me, yet spank me harder, finding places she missed or that were very sensitive, stroking me a few seconds, then more spanking. This Lady is a spanking machine. Then she taught me about her “dominant” hand. That meant a change In positions and even harder strokes. 

When she finally let me go, my ass was on fire. I’d been taken by the exceptional young woman and in some strange way, I’d enjoyed it? Sounds crazy, I know, but this young Lady practices the ART of spanking. 

She is, in a nutshell, perfection at this entire scene: the embarrassment, the humiliation and most of all, the spanking. She doesn't just give a stunning spanking, it’s everything; the entire atmosphere. She creates it and makes you take it from her. And strangely, you want to."

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"The meeting with you sinked in. And when I look back on the process, the experience with you, you did not disappoint me! Before the session I doubted, struggle strongly about you. Whether you was really that woman of your website. And I was afraid for your (for me strange) lap. But when I saw your eyes I knew it was good. I felt safe. I am deeply touched by your propriety, by your inner cleanliness (and outside). Also your natural strictness, your softness, sensitivity, dignity and understanding touched me. It touched my heart. I did not feel any hate of you. I felt sometimes your emotions on my bottom (spanking) I liked. I trusted you otherwise I did not let you use the brush (but felt not wrong). Your caring and softness made me feel humble, open, vulnerable. You know how to dish out otk spanking. For me you are a hard bottom spanker. My bottom is still quite burning. It felt natural to be bent OTK by you. It felt it’s normal for you to have a man over your knee. That made it for me easier to let go. Normally I do not want role-play, because it feels fake for me. But I did not feel you played with me. You were real to me. I liked also your movements with your legs. The session brought me closer to myself. It seems that you believe in what you are doing. That you help people to grow. That gave/gives me a good feeling. It was good to got an otk experience by an American woman (there are different between cultures). Thank you for the experience I desperately needed. Thank you, you came to Amsterdam. Thank you, you gave me the chance, the opportunity."

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"It was my privilege to have recently had a session with Alice Morningstar.

She is a superb disciplinarian.  She is a beautiful woman – confident but at the same time kindly.  To me she reminds me of the actress Audrey Hepburn and of the most beautiful and nicest female teachers and professors I had in my younger days.

She is also very athletic and gave me the most extended and most powerful hand spanking I have ever experienced.

The spanking play I enjoy the most encompasses these elements:

-The disciplinarian’s primary purpose is to improve the character of the offender; to make the offender a better person

-The disciplinarian enjoys her job immensely and appreciates a fit, nude body

-The disciplinarian is very beautiful, attractive, classy and nice

-The spanking itself is very painful but not to a damaging degree; the disciplinarian has limits and takes safety considerations very seriously

I believe the above is a good summary of the spanking I received from Alice."

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"I recently had the pleasure of meeting Alice for session. I am a long-time and rather heavy player and have sessioned with many, many professionals over the last twenty years. I choose to repeatedly visit with only a very select few. Alice falls into this category- and for good reason. I must say that my experience with Alice was unparalleled.

I had recently attempted to connect with Alice while she was visiting the DC area but unfortunately work-related schedule complications prevented our encounter. Fortunately I was able to arrange a trip to visit with Alice a short time later. I must say...the trip was well worth the drive.

I am strictly interested in traditional correction. It's proven to be very difficult for me over the years to locate professional disciplinarians- those whom deliver strictly discipline free of other forms of domination. I have discovered that Alice delivers this service down to the very fine details- the details that allow for and create a perfect, well-rounded and complete session. Whether it be the ritualistic buildup to the actual execution of discipline, the method in which she calmly and confidently sits down on her strong wooden straight backed chair specifically obtained for over-the-knee correction, her confident gaze directly into your eyes just before she begins to bare your bottom, the way she repositions you over her lap as you attempt to squirm out of position in order to consistently maintain complete control and maximize the effectiveness of her strokes...I could go on and on. Alice creates the ideal disciplinary atmosphere. It is very evident that she has put a lot of thought and effort into identifying the perfect formula that allows for- as I mentioned previously- an unparalleled disciplinary experience. Top notch. Period.

Alice is an extremely warm and kind individual and is willing to take the time to get to know her clients and their specific interests...and not because she feels she has to but rather because she truly wants to- so often this is not the case with many professionals. Refreshing to say the least. Intelligent, well spoken, patient, down-to-earth, classy, attractive and an absolute pleasure to speak with. I only wish she lived closer to me. Alice is the consummate professional disciplinarian. To all whom may be considering requesting a session- I highly recommend that you make the effort and reach out to Alice. You'll be glad you did! I had an absolutely amazing, unique and one-of-a-kind disciplinary experience and I can guarantee you that your experience will be the same."

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"I am a very experienced spanko and I decided to try Miss Morningstar after reading her bio and page. We sent several emails and I told her what I was looking for. I am very picky about doing this and don't do it much anymore due to the lack of people who are really into spanking and are mostly mistresses who don't get it.  

I went to meet her and she was very pretty and easy to talk to. I had already set up the scenario by email so we got right into things. She told me that my behavior was unacceptable and the only word she could think of for it was naughty. Since this is childish behavior and because she was concerned she informed me I would be treated like a child. She gave me a calm lecture on my deportment and spoke quietly, very nice but firm. At one point she announced 'Young man I am going to take you across my knee and give you a good old fashioned spanking and one you won’t soon forget!'

I was getting a bit scared and asked her please not to spank me and just let me start all over and curb my naughtiness. She told me that because she cared about me she could not do this. She pulled out a straight backed chair and my heart sank. She took me by the hand all the time explaining why I was to be punished and that it was for my own good and sat down and started to remove my pants. I begged her not to but she would not listen and took my pants down to my ankles. At this point I was panicking and promised never, ever to be naughty again if she just would not spank me. Before I could make my case she pulled me across her knee. I was almost crying and still pleading but I knew it was too late. I felt a very sharp and hard sting across my bottom and it was quite a loud SMACK! There was no warm up she started right away to give me a sound spanking. This made it all the more real as when I was spanked as a child there was no warmup you were there to be punished and here I was with Miss Morningstar getting a very real spanking. This took me right back to that place when I was young as she was giving me a no nonsense spanking. Then it seemed to stop as sudden as it started and there was not a sound.  

I thought and hoped it was over but...she rolled down my underpants slowly to my ankles. I really begged, cried and said all I could think of to get her not to take them down but she said, 'You're going to get a good spanking and with your underpants down over your bare bottom as this naughtiness will not be tolerated, young man.' I started to cry in hopes she would feel sorry and not spank me but then I heard that frightening SNAP and the pain shot through me like a lightening bolt and it was on. She gave me a hand spanking that had me crying and kicking right away but she increased the rhythm and force. I was beside myself as it hurt so bad, she continued to give me the spanking of my life, a real no nonsense bare bottom spanking for a very long time. Finally she stopped, let me up, led me to the corner by my ears and made me stand in the corner. My bottom was as red as a stove top and stung and burned very bad. I was getting a very real naughty boy spanking, that's for sure.

After some corner time she had me stand at her side while she was seated in the spanking chair and told me she didn't want to do this but did not want me to continue with this naughty behavior as that would only end up hurting me. She draped me back across her knee by now my underpants were totally off on the floor somewhere, I was disheveled and feeling very sorry about my behavior. She then took a small thin paddle and spanked me up one side, down the other and straight across the center until I was sobbing and calling her Mommy and begging her, 'Mommy, please stop, I'll be good, I'll never do it again PLEEEEEZE!!!!!' She spanked me even harder, then back to the hand spanking and boy did I get it. Finally she stopped and let me up off of her lap and just stared at me as if to say, I hope you have learned your lesson young man. She hugged me and held me tight and dried my tears then laid me on the bed and rubbed my sore bottom with lotion and said that she wanted me to be the good boy she knew I could and that if she hears of me acting up again the next time I will get the dreaded hairbrush straight away with my pants and underpants down from the start!!! She then kissed my cheek and held me tight for a long time and it was over.

This was the best spanking experience I have ever had as she took me to that special place we all want to go. It was not a role play after the first few minutes, it was a real spanking. I felt naughty, small, contrite, soundly punished and sorry afterwards. My bottom was warm and sore for three days as a reminder. Truly she is as into it as any of us are. I got the sound spanking I have been looking for since I was spanked as a child. If you love spanking and all that goes with it Miss Morningstar will tan your hide in the time honored fashion but with love."

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